Xinyi Glass 'are Lending A' Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion

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Shanghai World Expo 2010 in various venues under construction are in full swing, and the most striking still Hyun red China Pavilion, the progress of each point are affecting people. Recently, the China Pavilion facade has completed the installation,

More than 7000 red aluminum block and more than 1,200 pieces of glass each other against the background, full of the "Oriental Crown" and majestic posture. In order to fully display the Chinese Pavilion "red coat", embodies the traditional and modern China Pavilion, harmony, energy saving and environmental protection concept, the external walls of the Chinese National Museum are all used in the most advanced energy-saving environmental LOW-E insulating glass, is the low-E coating, hollow, laminated, tempered with other production processes combine to produce a new type of energy out of safety glass, not only to reflect heat and reduce energy consumption, also has the obvious effect of noise insulation.

The facade of the China Pavilion of glass used in the average weight of 370 kg per piece, and to the outer angle of 135 degrees inclined facade on the museum shop in China. Therefore, the Expo will be the total package supplier side glass made both to ensure efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient high standards and stringent requirements. The facade design for the China Pavilion special needs of the technology of glass suppliers such as glass bend parameters, safety, thickness, size, color have to repeatedly measure, strict authentication.

According to Hall the sole supplier of energy saving glass, Xinyi Glass introduced energy saving building glass ordinary about the regular size of 3.6 m, thickness of 15 millimeters, while the China Pavilion to provide up to 4.8 meters of glass size, thickness 22 mm almost touched the limit of processing the world's advanced equipment; but also through the steel, semi-steel, coated, laminated, insulating and other processes, and then to conduct different types of the pieces of glass, so that the glass produced not only large, thick, also overweight.

The product is good, Xinyi Glass Engineering Company established the China Pavilion project group, designate a person responsible for the project, the preparation of the production control program, provides quality control standards. Project leaders can break at work to allocate general administrative level related tasks. In addition, the glass works company also set up a production line China Pavilion project. Lutheran Group architectural glass system with all parts of the project team must first ensure that the highest speed to produce high quality products. The production process, marketing, planning, technology, quality, production, and are specifically responsible for tracking. Production using JIT (just in time) pull production model, with hollow processes as the driving source, ensure the production of non-stop operation. Every day, the project team will be responsible for meeting the reporting process and update the data, to ensure smooth production.

Expo project, as China's Museum of faith in addition to the sole supplier of energy-saving glass, but also to the World Expo Macao Pavilion for the exclusive supply of energy-saving glass, now, Macau Museum of Glass has been in full swing production.

Xinyi Glass was founded in 1988, in 2005 in Hong Kong main board listed. Xinyi Glass is a glass float glass production and Chaobai Guang Fu, automotive glass and architectural glass processing in large-scale integrated glass company in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhu, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Tangshan, Germany, Japan and North America and other regions set up 33 branches or subsidiaries.

As the world's top energy-saving building glass industry, one of the major suppliers, Xinyi Glass has been for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Information and Communication Centre - Digital Beijing Building, National People's Congress authority offices, Victory House, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou Zheng Lei Excellence Times Miao Ping Sheng display that is recorded in Yau Man take legal actinides Center for the 2010 Shenzhen Universiade sports stadiums, iconic buildings in big cities at home and abroad to provide high-quality energy-efficient architectural glass products.

Recently, Lutheran Wuhu Industrial Park once again came the exciting news, after 5 months of installation and commissioning, Lutheran Wuhu base construction glass production line successfully produced the first batch of steel slab LOW-E glass, settled early in the base limited production of steel LOW-E glass, and this marks the Lutheran in optimized industrial structure and reduce transport costs has made a greater competitive advantage. Xinyi Glass incorporated in Hong Kong the world's first energy saving glass research, to energy-saving, environmentally friendly products as the main development direction of the continuous improvement of product performance, is committed to providing customers with products that meet their needs, services and solutions for customers and partners partners to create long-term value and potential growth

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Xinyi Glass 'are Lending A' Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion

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This article was published on 2010/10/15