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Multiple manufacturers like HTC, windows mobile O2 produce XDA .Basically it is a technology which is used by different mobile manufacturer's .As we know technology enhances and moved towards digital mode from analog mode, same as in this technology voice and data information converge in digital mode. This technology is not much old and firstly in 2002 its first model was introduced and released successfully.

There are many models of XDA some are retired and some models are still active in markets. Retired versions are XDA, atom, Exec, minis etc. Hot and current models which are available in market are Zest, Serra, and Ignitto etc. With the passage of time old  technology is obsolete ,and new enhance versions took their places with new extra and amazing features .In latest  models following features are packed (Built in GPS  ,large screen ,works with Microsoft mobile office, internet explorer, camera ,FM radio) etc. XDA experts – a central venue connecting talented XDA Developers with companies.

XDA developers have a huge community. Almost 3 million users over the word use this. Here is a different forum for its developers. With the help of these forums developers has a platform where they discuss about new developments. There is a separate forum for each model to discuss about each models key feature and its drawbacks. With the help of these forums developers discuss about technical support and about to upgrade. You can also register on any of the forum and post or download regarding this technology.

Now many commercial sites have the groups for its users. By joining these sites and groups you can interact with those who use this. Each model lovers creates their own groups on commercial sites and interact with their model lovers, discuss about its key features and its specifications.

XDA atom is the latest so its price is quite high but the other models which are one step back is quite cheap. The only reason to become famous of old versions is price factor. There are many other pocket PC devices in the market but this is more famous than other due to its features and user friendly interface.

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XDA experts – a central venue connecting talented XDA Developers with companies.

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XDA Development

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This article was published on 2011/03/27