Website Designing Vs Web Development

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Web designing and web development is not the same thing as they perform different activities. Website designing is the process of creating and planning. It is a creative presentation of contents in the form of hypertext or hypermedia that are offered to the internet users through World Wide Web using a web browser.

On the other hand web development is a process of developing a website for the internet. The person who designs a website is called as “web designer” and the person who develops a website is termed as “web developer.”

Web designer and web developer both have their own importance. A web designer is concerned about the designing part of a website, while a developer is responsible for the overall functionality of a website.

Before understanding the difference between web designing and web development let’s focus on the important aspects of a website.

  • Look and feel of a website, it refers to the overall appearance of your website.  It includes navigation, color of website, graphics, images and videos.
  • Content of a website, it refers to the information about business, products and services that your company is offering to the users.
  • Functionality of a website, it refers to the interactivity and the animated work of your website. Web programmers use different coding languages to view the different pages of website.
  • Usability of a website is evaluated by the views and remarks of the users. It includes program interaction and how convenient is your website.


Many people get confused between these two concepts of web designing and web development, both are different things. Web designing is all about physical appearance of your website, how it looks when users see it on the internet. And web development refers to the functionality of every website.

Web designers work with Photoshop, Illustrators, Flash, Fireworks, Typography, Color Theory, Web accessibility and standards. Whereas web developers work with PHP, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, XML and other coding languages.

Both web designing and web development

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Website Designing Vs Web Development

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This article was published on 2012/03/27