Various uses of GPS tracker

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Global positioning system lets us know the accurate location of a vehicle or person or some asset to which it has been appended. The GPS tracker records the exact position and stores the data which can be displayed against a map back ground for further evaluation.


There are a variety of GPS trackers available. They are mostly battery operated. Solar powered GPS devices are also accessible these days. They have more power than battery operated ones and also have a higher shelf life.GPS apparatus is being used in many distinctive fields. Some use it for personal tracking while others use it professionally.


The first trackers were made to support the military forces. It helps them to keep a track of their enemies and even trace their paths. They are also used for navigation. The GPS trackers are used by law enforcement agencies to keep a check on the arrested criminals that are out on bail. It is mostly tied on the ankle of the offender. They are even used by detectives for surveillance purposes.


The tracking device is used to control the professional races. The authorities keep a track on the race vehicles and they come to know about any diversion they take on their racing tracks. Many companies keep these GPS gadgets installed in their company vehicles. It aids them in knowing the route taken and the distance travelled. Even fleet owners set up the tracking and (Kommunikation in German) apparatus in their ships and airplanes. Through this they come to know the precise location of their vessels and planes.


Scientists use these equipments for animal control. They study the animal’s activities and migration patterns. It even helps them to know about their mating period and the change in their behavior.


The communication and tracking devices can help us in our homes too. Parents feel concerned for the safety of their growing children. They even want to know what company they keep. This device alleviates their distress. The tracking devices also give assistance to the elderly and vulnerable. They can call their near ones in case of an emergency. The GPS trackers have either a one way or two way voice communication facility which can be activated by sliding the switch on the device. Few devices also have pre programmed speed dial button, so one can call easily. It can also be installed in our personal vehicles and the automobile can be easily located in case of car theft.

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Various uses of GPS tracker

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Various uses of GPS tracker

This article was published on 2012/03/24