Toyota's Smart Stop Technology - Braking Innovations 2010

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Toyota has developed a new braking system called Smart Stop Technology. This new system overrides manual operation when both the accelerator and brake pads are pressed simultaneously. The system only engages when the accelerator is pressed before the brake pad at speeds over five mph, in certain conditions. For example: when accelerating on a steep hill, the system will allow safe acceleration without allowing the vehicle to roll backwards.

As you can see in Figure 1 when only the accelerator pedal is pressed the mechanism works normal with continuous fuel flow and does not affect your driving or braking system in any way.

In Figure 2 it is noticeable that when the brake is pressed together with the accelerator for at least one second the Smart Stop Technology will stop the fuel flow.

The Toyota Traction Control (TRAC) assists the vehicle keep traction by applying pressure to the Toyotas Brake Pad in slick and rough driving conditions. If one of the wheels begins to slip, the TRAC sensors respond by applying pressure to the wheel, and reducing engine output.

Toyotas Anti-lock brakes (ABS) apply a pulsing pressure to each wheel independently. In an emergency situation it is normal for the driver to slam on the brakes. With the ABS braking sensors, the pulsing pressure is applied to each wheel with a repetitive action for fractions of a second, preventing the vehicle from locking up.

In simple words Smart Stop Technology may not be detectable in a normal driving condition. This technology is extremely intelligent and does not
engage if the brake is pressed before pressing the accelerator pedal. This technology helps you when you are driving on a hill or slope by preventing the car to roll backwards while you are accelerating.

This technology can be a life saver in a situation when the vehicles accelerator pedal is stuck, as per the human tendency you are likely to jump on the brake pedal with as much force as possible. This is the time when Smart Stop Technology comes into picture. This braking enhancement system is automatically activate when it senses the brake and accelerator being pressed at the same time, if they are pressed together for at least one second this technology will be automatically activated and it will cut the fuel supply and the car is brought back to idle. The technical condition criteria for the system to be activated is throttle opening is greater than 1/3, the vehicle speed should be at least 5 mph, and the brakes should be applied firmly. All new Toyota vehicles will have Smart Stop technology installed by the end of 2010 making Toyota the first manufacturer to offer this Smart Stop Barking system as standard equipment.

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Toyota's Smart Stop Technology - Braking Innovations 2010

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This article was published on 2010/11/11