There are now many scientific uses for new thought technology.

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Imagine controlling a device with just the power of your mind. Imagine being able to set an alarm, lock the doors of your house, water your plants, control the electric appliances/devices, or even drive your car. What if people having lost both of their arms could receive prosthetic arms that allow them to carry on as if nothing had ever happened to them? Not too long ago these things were stuck in the realm of science fiction. Not anymore. Scientists have worked for many years trying to unlock the capabilities of a technology controlled by your thought and have made much recent advancements in this field.

Thinking of the Benefits in the Medical Field

The capabilities of a technology the mind can control would be immensely beneficialin the medical fieldto the medical researchers and doctors, not to mention what the implications could be for patients with disabilities. Medical researchers could use such technology in lab applications. Doctors would be able to use this technology to help in the diagnosis of patients. Patients however, could see the most benefit from the tech. A patient who has lost both arms could use this technology to utilize prosthetic arms with the same fluidity as someone who has biological arms. In a press release issued by Brown University, DavidBorton stated that clinical applications mightcomprise thought-controlled prostheses for patients who are neurologically impaired, wireless access for the motorized wheel-chairs or similarhelpful technologies, and monitoring for diagnostic purposes,for instance in epilepsy, in which patients are currently tethered to bedside during their assessment,”

Drawing with Your Mind

Thought technology and its applications are not strictly tied to the medical field, even though that is the area that may see the most benefit. The technology would also be able to help in the computer graphics design area. Many people have ideas in their head that they would not be able to put into a working design on a CAD (computer assisted drawing). Mind-controlled technology could eliminate the need to become an expert in the software and allow a less tech savvy person to shine in a field dominated by experts.

The consumer use of thought technology, while still in the development stages, would allow people to control many home appliances. Things like preheating the oven could be a thought away and setting the climate control would be as effortless as wishing you were warm in a chilly room or vice versa.

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There are now many scientific uses for new thought technology.

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There are now many scientific uses for new thought technology.

This article was published on 2013/07/01