The Relationship of Staff and Boss

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New Oriental Education & Technology Group and Global Education& Technology Company are the famous English training origination in Beijing. They have the competitions all the time. One day, the schoolmaster of Global Education& Technology Company heard news from the TV: the new oriental education& technology group will list in the Nasdaq. This news made him worriedly.


He knew this news clearly: if this news is known by the more people, his company will fail in this competition. When the New Oriental Education& Technology Group is list, a lot of money will be put into the school; the teachers of it will have a good wages. How to keep the teacher to leave in the global Education& Technology Company is a huge problem to him.


After few days, five teachers found him:” please don’t arrange the class for us, we have another plan now.” the fact as like he thought before, the teachers will went to the other place. It is time to find some ideas to save his company now. He thought over and over: I wanted to make an advertisement for the most popular teachers among the students, and let the society to know them. When he told this plan to his assistant, the assistant could not understand:” if you do that like you say. When these teachers are famous at that time, it is easy to them to another school to look for high wages.” Although it could to be the truth, he had the decision to do it.


Not for a long time, the photos of twenty teachers and introduction of Global Education& Technology Company appeared on the bus stations. The students talked about these things to their parents or classmates. These teachers got the high popularity. But they did not quit their job because of the popularity; they worked more hardly than before. This plan made him overcome the difficulties, and also made the staffs got together with him. During this process, he gives the olive to his staff and let them know they were very important to the school. I think in the every company, the attitude of boss is very important to employment.

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The Relationship of Staff and Boss

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The Relationship of Staff and Boss

This article was published on 2011/10/15