The pros and cons of Google Checkout

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Google checkout is out and finally here to stay. Infact it has even stayed and will stay forever for as long as the internet exists.

Google checkout help solves the problem of online payment transactions. Though it is not the only online payment system out there in the market, but it is by far the most preferable, alongside the use of PayPal payment system.

In a nutshell, Google checkout serves as a fast, secure checkout process that helps increase sales by bringing you more customers, while at the same time giving room for buyers, clients and prospects to quickly and easily make purchase with just a single login into the checkout platform.

One notable observation that caught my attention during my visit to Google checkout homepage was the statement that reads “Google Checkout users click on ads 10% more when the ad displays the Checkout badge, meaning more traffic to your site”. What this implies is that the use of Google checkout badges on your websites helps attract new leads for your business communication, thereby enhancing the ability to have an effective, efficient communication between you and your clients. This development can help you have and develop a robust database of prospects and clients.

Another intriguing development is the ability and advantage that Google checkout offers its users. It simply helps its users to convert more sales. From the homepage, it states “ A fast, convenient checkout process helps Google Checkout users convert 40% more than shoppers who have not used Checkout before”. This is a great win-win situation and strategic concept to a publisher or the owner of a website.

Sometimes, when I hear of some critics arguing that Google checkout is this and that, all I could do is just shake my head and say to myself “this folks are missing a lot”. To be honest with you, the use of PayPal is also good as an online payment system, but the advantages of using Google checkout is far more enormous than that of using PayPal.

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Google Checkout

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The pros and cons of Google Checkout

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This article was published on 2011/07/20