The Era of Telecommunication

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Since the last three decades of 20th century, the importance of telecommunication have been discerned by the public. Its growing impact on productivity make people use new angle to watch the world. It is a key factor in evaluating the growth of economic. It is even identified as the foundation for national development. Telecommunication not only plays the role in economic area, but also the has the impact on socio-economic developments as well. 

Without doubting, telecommunication is really a bit word. It comes down to many industries, and the telephone system is one of them which familiar by people first. Later on, with the passage of time and the development of technology, there comes numerous other  telecommunication system like networks of wired TV cable system. The most recent telecommunication known by people are the Internet connections and cellular phones. And by the applying the Internet technology on the cell phone, the GPRS service gained extreme fame as well.

We should thank the telecommunication, because it makes the world as a global village.
At the present era there are lots of telecom service providers in the global. They are knowingly or unknowingly all these factors, with a perseverance that telecommunication can accelerate a business as well as a strong brand image have entered into this telecom arena.The distance of people from different countries get closer. With the application of its technology, keeping in touch with other people becomes uncomplicated. Except the communication, telecommunication facilitates for people to transfer the information form one area to another only in seconds.

Furthermore, some people may not know that wired technology and the wireless technology are also the two major parts of telecommunication. The usage of those two forms can be seen everywhere in our daily life since childhood. For example, the telephone, television broadcasting and so on. We are so familiar with them in our daily life. With the time goes by, in recent years, the wireless telecommunication technology has gained huge boost up. More and more companies produce their goods by using wireless technology such as cell phones, wireless Internet connections, and GPRS with cell phones. People take use of those new inventions everywhere, we even could not image in today's society, if you live without those equipments, what's you life would be.

In summary, we really live in the world of telecommunication, it brings our life convenient, and we should take advantages of this technology.

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As telecommunication is getting more and more popular in today's society, the author wants to point out this technology.

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The Era of Telecommunication

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This article was published on 2011/04/21