Some Practical Hints For Android Application Developers

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Being an open platform Android has fractured software as well as hardware structure in the wild. If we look at the recent data accessed from the Google Play for a fortnight period we can identify the usage of downloading apps on the various versions of the Android OS. If we take a short tour of these data we can see that the most of devices running on the Gingerbread version of Android OS is downloading the apps the second place is for Ice Cream Sandwich and third place is for Jelly Bean versions.

If you run some inferences on these data you may have big insight of the Android empire. The first thing is become highly visible is that major chunk of Android OS users are not using the latest version of the Android OS so if your Android application development company claim to give iOS competent products using latest features and functionality of latest Android OS then the chances of the successful marketing is fewer as your excellent and unique features won't run on the older versions.

This very reasons Android app development companies are not getting enthusiastic clients as soon as new version of Android OS arrives in the market and most of the clients have to think the backward compatibility for their apps. As we have stated earlier the big fragmentation is visible in the Hardware of the Android devices so if you run Android programming for an app you need to test that on various devices and for a medium size Android development company that is insane advise to buy all such devices.

The practical solution of this problem is to use cloud based services for remote testing on majority of the devices and AppThwack is providing such services at reasonable rates. If you are more concerning on bug free app you need to use JUnit which is a standard unit testing software. Another is an automation library called Robotium that makes easy to write Junit tests. Gorilla Logic's Monkey Talk powerful tool.

If you are anxious about the bugs in the hands of end users after downloading apps you have to use BugSense and Crittercism to collect the bug reports automatically when your app crashed on the device of the end user.

You can collect actual reviews of the actual end users with the help of Tech Stars Seattle to gauge the success and failure of your Android app development efforts.

In case of the older devices users, you can't place the traditional in-code branching in every apps for each of the devices. Moreover this traditional coding practice is highly error prone so you have to apply a system that automatically degrade your app when it start installation on older devices according to their nature and versions and that you can do easily with ActionbarSherlock.

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Some Practical Hints For Android Application Developers

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This article was published on 2013/08/13