How can fake antivirus software steal your identity?

By: Amy j | Feb 28, 2013 Have you ever bought something for a considerable amount of money only to realize that it does not do what it was supposed to do? Or worse, it sneaks in and steals your identity? We’re talking about fake antivirus software. There are ways to avoid buying these fakes, and it starts with proper awareness.

How can domain hijacking steal your identity

By: Amy j | Feb 28, 2013 Websites have enabled both businesses and consumers to reach a wider clientele. However, with more and more businesses and individuals getting their own domain, there is a likelihood that more and more websites will fall victim to domain hijacking.

Real time data delivery

By: Mariya Dsoza | Feb 23, 2013 Data management software is introduced to analyzing; managing, visualizing and reporting test data includes latest technology.

The Advance Security System Of Wrought Iron Gates Surrey

By: Sidonie Luiza | Feb 21, 2013 Wrought iron gates surrey can be considered as well if you are looking for something cheaper than electric gates. However, cheaper in price does not mean that you are buying something of poor quality.

Privacy concerns when using social media

By: Amy j | Feb 21, 2013 Social media is an important ingredient in one’s daily, technologically-driven life. Even if everybody’s engaged in it, you should still know how to be in control. Know the reasons on why you should limit what you share on social media.

How can using social networking websites lead to id theft?

By: Amy j | Feb 16, 2013 The use of social networking sites has become an avenue for id thieves to steal information. Thus, it is important to know how this happens and what steps to take to protect yourself.

Protect your child from becoming an identity theft victim

By: Amy j | Feb 8, 2013 Identity theft when holidaying is when thieves and credit record swindlers strike the most and do not make exceptions even among young ones. What makes matters worse, even timing is not an exception. This may all happen while you are on a much-deserved holiday. However, through close and proper monitoring, their information can be secured early.

Highly Secure And Reliable Disaster Recovery Solutions

By: Dagny Barber | Jan 30, 2013 Today, business enterprises are dealing with tremendous growth of electronic data but still small and midsized businesses are least concerned to the secure, manage and strong backup of the data. The natural threats (like earthquake, hurricanes, blizzards, flood, tsunami, natural fire etc.) and ordinary human created threads (like crashed servers, power cut, flu epidemics etc.) may cause huge loss

Effective tips to improve your Opera browser security

By: Brooke M. Perry | Jan 19, 2013 Opera browser is one of the most used browsers with more than 270 million users worldwide. Moreover, it is also one of the most secured web browsers with excellent security features. Apart from it, Opera is one such browser which is supported by almost all operating systems (OS). Opera can be easily used with OSes and computers including Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and some other mobile

How to prevent malware?

By: Brooke M. Perry | Jan 16, 2013 Malware is often found in the form of malicious software that gets installed on your PC either knowingly or unknowingly. Such software are developed with a motive to rob information from the user and also dupe innocent users through scams to fleece their hard earned money. Previously malware was considered a serious problem only for Windows-based PCs but now they have also started targeting Macs.
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