Scenar "�" A Legend Behind The Scenar Invention

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Covert space research in Russia brought about the SCENAR which we would not have known if the Soviet bloc had not broken up and the cold war ended. Shrouded in secrecy, military research in cutting edge technology was carried out in the closed world of what was known as the Soviet bloc. There was no information that could be brought out from the confines of the communist world that existed before it all came down in 1989.

Cheap and portable device

After things came out in the open, the world came to know that SCENAR technology as discovered by a Russian called Karasev was all set to change the way how pains and other physical disorders would be treated in future. Medicine has changed and so have the therapies and means of treating pain. Regarded as cheap, the portable SCENAR device has shown effective results in treating strokes, sports related injuries, irritable bowel diseases, all kinds of pain and post surgical conditions as well.

The research from which the technology developed had its roots in the electromagnetic fields of the biological energy of the body. Once this was established, the scientists at work began to fine tune the research towards applying the technology for medical usage and benefits.

The SKENAR was used to do more research on contact massage prevalent in therapies practiced in the east. It was found that pressure could be altered and used to stimulate the tissues.

Developed to treat astronauts in space

SCENAR device was used for monitoring the magnetic effects that take place inside the skin which can be fine tuned for altering the pressure of the massage during SKENAR therapy. The skin has its own way of responding and the development of SCENAR technology was meant to develop a mechanism that would work according to the changing responses of the skin.

The method was found to lessen and even cure pain as well as a wide variety of muscular and nerve disorders.

The human body has its own way of responding to pains and developing innate mechanisms that require to be triggered for the curing process to be successful. There are neuropeptides in the body that are triggered to let the body choose and pick the best suited healing process. Different signals are sent off by the SCENAR device which helps to change according to the changes in the body as it goes through various psychological and physiological changes.

In a nutshell, the SCENAR research has developed by using the best methods of healing available in electronic technology of the west and the healing mechanism practiced in eastern civilizations. When the Soviets sent astronauts into space, they wanted them to benefit from a technology that could treat illnesses.

Instead of shuttles used by the Americans to bring astronauts back, SCENAR helped in curing them in outer space.
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Scenar "�" A Legend Behind The Scenar Invention

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This article was published on 2010/10/03