Phasing out the Past

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There are very few people of this kind, unfortunately I happen to be one of them; the people who will simply not let go of some gadgetry in their homes. I thought it was impossible but now it’s getting a bit clear to me that you can actually develop a strong emotional attachment to those gadgets that you use most. This has even got me thinking twice about the issue of not having a pet in my house. That sounds a bit reasonable than having feelings for a device.

One of those devices I’m talking about is my phone. I happen to own a candy-bar type of a phone that I have used for about four years now. The technology is quickly changing and this phone uses that crude old technology that other people would actually consider pathetic. Phone based internet access technology is currently using Lite or 4G platform. My phone is not even close to 3G. Instead, I wait for those long seconds as it opens a 10kb worth of a mobile webpage using the EDGPRS technology. Nevertheless, I try not to get disappointed. I comfort myself by developing that sadistic attitude, smiling inwardly when my friend’s smartphone takes a two feet dive to the concrete and crashes instantly.

How often do you replace your PC? Well, I don’t. I buy new ones and keep them next to the old ailing machine. I also update its operating system to things it can’t handle. There is simply no place I can get spare parts for it if it happened to need some. It’s one of those long cathode ray tube monitor and noisy motherboard boxes system that I have found it practically impossible to dump. The mouse on this computer still has a rubber ball at the bottom, the keyboard has tough buttons, often requiring you to hit two or more times with an incredible amount of energy to make a single character entry! Did I mention that it takes about 10minutes to fully switch on and be ready to use? A quick fix to a dissertation or any other essay writing related task of which I deal with every now and then would have to be planned on a paper as I wait for the PC to fully boot.

The TV technology is quickly phasing out. Apparently I have not been in a position to catch up with all this. I still own that round CRT screen TV which cannot offer that HD quality image and weighs five times the weight of a modern-day TV with similar screen dimensions.

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Phasing out the Past

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This article was published on 2011/07/25
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