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Integrated circuit manufacturing process, the photoresist is a key material directly affects the performance of integrated circuits, also affected the micro- Electronic The merits of final product performance. For a long time, due to backward technology and related conditions such as support factors, China's microelectronics technology based on matching private key photoresist materials R & D and production has been hovering at a low level, including discrete devices, liquid crystal display devices and ultra large-scale integration circuit microelectronics manufacturing requirements, including photoresist has been dependent on imports, directly influences the development of microelectronics technology. To change this negative situation, the formation of our intellectual property rights in this regard, the relevant state ministries and commissions from the "15" started to resist such as microelectronics supporting material included with the key focus of development plans, and given its strong support.

2009 5 months, by the Microelectronics Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch China investment and construction of our first 100-ton high-grade production line photoresist Shunyi District in Beijing was built and put into production, which marks the beginning of China has its own high-end photoresist products, microelectronics industry, the situation of long-term dependence on imports will be from the end of the photoresist.

Polymer lithium battery With the 3G era, the battery will be the key factor restricting the development of mobile phones. If the battery is no big breakthrough in materials, liquid lithium ion battery capacity is extremely difficult to continue to improve; in capacity to meet current critical state of the condition, safety coefficient must decrease. In the traditional basis of liquid lithium-ion batteries developed from polymer lithium battery (hereinafter referred to as lithium polymer batteries), just to make up for the performance of the shortcomings of traditional lithium batteries.

Polymer lithium battery is lighter, thinner, larger features, in principle, polymer lithium battery can be designed to any shape, for mobile phones and other mobile devices designed to provide a very good condition. In addition, lithium polymer electrolyte material using gelatinous, or solid form, and will not leak, thus reducing pollution.

Polymer lithium-ion battery from the positive and negative electrodes and polymer electrolyte membrane, of which the membrane is the highest lithium battery materials, technical barriers to a high value-added material, commonly used polypropylene ( PP ), PE ( PE ) Single-layer membrane, and by the PP and PE form a composite multi-layer membrane. With lithium-ion battery industry in China's development, the original monopoly by foreign companies membrane technology has been mastered by domestic enterprises, at present, our enterprise can produce membrane main source of material, Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Jin Hui Hi-Tech Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. and so on.

To TV Screen folded income luggage, the same phone as the paper rolled up into a pocket, not far from us all. In recent years, Organic Leading a new generation of light-emitting materials display technology?? OLED's rapid development has given way to imagine a reality by leading a "soft times" iE to us.

Traditional fluorescent display screen flashes serious, radiation intensity, size large; liquid crystal display angle is small, slow response, high cost, low brightness, not suitable for use at low temperatures. Both display technologies have shortcomings, OLED technology is a unique advantage. As a new display technology, organic light emitting display that does not require background light source, can be its own light, so use less material, smaller footprint, energy efficient. Thus, OLED, LCD and plasma display technology, the most favorable alternative to competitors, and technology. Fortunately, our country in this field development and production of basically synchronized with the developed countries, investors from the Tsinghua University and other high-tech enterprise established Beijing Visionox Technology Co., Ltd. has started commercial production of OLED .

OLED display technology can be easily achieved from less than one inch to 40 inches above the level full HD resolution display. Meanwhile, OLED flat panel display technology has a theoretical lowest cost, most energy efficient, process more than a simple liquid crystal technology, brightness, contrast and color was more outstanding features. Therefore, it was also the OLED display technology called a "perfect" technology.
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Organic Light-emitting Materials: Lead, "soft Times" - The Organic Material, Photoresist -

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Organic Light-emitting Materials: Lead, "soft Times" - The Organic Material, Photoresist -

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