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How to use Power Task Menu in Windows 8?

By: matthew ferrall | Feb 25, 2013 Microsoft has recently launched Windows 8 operating system with features like Metro style interface, Hybrid boot, Windows to Go etc. You can use Power menu to tweak your computer settings like Disk management, Configuring peripheral settings, Switch existing power schemes etc.

Recover lost product key in windows 7

By: Devesh Kumar Rai | Feb 8, 2013 Whenever you buy a new computer system whether a desktop or the laptop, you can find the windows 7 product key on the back of the laptop or at the CPU in the case of desktop. But what will happen if the sticker of the product key got lost or scratched.

Understanding Difference Between FTP, SFTP and FTPS on z/OS

By: Nate Rodney | Nov 23, 2012 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a popular mechanism among z/OS users for exchanging files over TCP/IP networks. However, FTP was not designed to be a secure protocol and takes no precautions to protect information transmitted during a session. This security weakness can cause misuse or loss of crucial data from mainframes during data transport. FTPS and SFTP are secure alternatives to FTP that can

Secure Transfers on z/OS FTP with Data Encryption

By: Nate Rodney | Oct 15, 2012 In a standard FTP session, all the data, including log-in credentials, are transferred in plain text. It is easy to snoop around an FTP transmission and capture sensitive data, resulting in great loss for a business. Mainframes contain business–critical information, so FTP use on the mainframe can be fatal for an organization.

Windows Key Shop- An Authentic Windows 7 Product Key Provider

By: chrisbraistow | Oct 12, 2012 All the different versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems and its software applications require the unique set of alpha-numeric codes such as Windows 7 product key, Windows 7 activation key for the installation and activation of the respective operating systems & the corresponding software applications like different versions of Microsoft offices.

Big Need to Solve Windows Issues by Microsoft

By: Theodore Sumrall | Aug 15, 2012 Microsoft always tries to provide various fixes by means of updates to remove the various problems faced by the user but this method is not working properly.

Microsoft Plans and innovations for the Upcoming Windows 8 OS

By: softwebsolutions | Aug 15, 2012 The details about Windows 8 release and the plans of Microsoft of releasing a new tablet device based on Windows 8 OS are being discussed here.

Deploy Windows 8

By: Weaving Thoughts | Aug 1, 2012 Are you still not sure whether you would like to deploy Windows 8 or not? If this is the case, then you are perhaps not fully aware of its features and functionalities. This new operating system from Microsoft is built to meet high-end technological needs and to offer incredible output. It can run on any configuration setting ranging from laptops, media center PCs, tablet PCs, netbooks and home an

How would you force a Windows Update in Windows 7? Things to keep in mind while doing so

By: Marigold Henry Montana | May 26, 2012 Auto updates for Windows7 are available but more often than not these only work if the internal settings are made accordingly. Also the other issue with these updates is that the system must be running to let the updates install in the PC or the system. If these are not installed at the right time then it may lead to various issues like the system slowing down drastically, software errors and othe

How to Bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP Password – 5 Efficient Ways

By: xu syon | May 21, 2012 How do I bypass Windows login password? Here are five ways can help you bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password so you can get back in your computer.
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