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How many apps will your business migrate to Windows 7?

By: Sadie Hawkins | Jul 18, 2013 The deadline for migrating from Windows XP is very fast approaching – you have only until simply April 2014. Shedding a couple of unnecessary apps can help ease the migration process, however that apps can you retain and which can you ditch?

Mobile Coupon Apps for Android

By: Manageyourqr | Jul 2, 2013 Consumers looking for deals have options that do not have to involve hours scouring the Sunday paper for deals. Retailers are also benefitting from the rise of mobile coupon apps. This gives them a great way to get specials out to consumers that may be interested in their products and services.

Things you can do to make your time safer on computer

By: Brooke M. Perry | Jun 28, 2013 Ensuring the security of your PC is really challenging and indeed difficult to maintain. Mere installation of antivirus software on your PC doesn’t ensure the security of your PC rather you need to make sure of many other factors as well. To keep your privacy and security unchallenged and uncompromised, you have to take certain steps that most users prefer to defer. You may be enjoying lesser

Easy Tips for Gesture Command

By: Brooke M. Perry | Jun 21, 2013 Windows 8 comes with many new features, one such feature is that of gesture commands. Although a lot has been said about it but still you need to learn few essential tips to utilize this command. Knowing how to use Gesture Command will go a long way. Let us get familiar with the gesture command to make the most of it.

iPhone Still Unbeatable So iPhone Development Has To Stay For Longer

By: Stella Robinson | Apr 16, 2013 In mobile application development field competition is stiff and many smartphone development companies are releasing highly advanced smartphones in the market, but iPhone is still unbeatable due to its awesome features, functionality and technologies. Apple is still improving that so iPhone will stay for longer and iPhone developers will get return with each new release.

Make Your Employees More Productive By Letting Them Use Mobile Apps

By: SynapseIndia | Apr 16, 2013 Businesses all round the world have benefited immensely from the use of mobile apps, which have become a new source of revenue for them.

Top 7 Windows 8 Apps that you must have

By: Brooke M. Perry | Mar 20, 2013 Migrating to Windows 8 from Android or iOS may be difficult, given the latter’s immensity in the number of Apps available on Google Play and Appstore respectively. However, the ever growing Windows Store has introduced a bunch of Apps which can make the transfer to Windows, an easy task and can also be a whole new experience in case you are a tad bored of the Apps on Apple and Android.

WINDOWS 7-Flash Drive Troubleshooting

By: efuntoo singh | Mar 14, 2013 This article WINDOWS 7-Flash Drive Troubleshooting can prove helpful in solving the issue. After performing the desired steps, reboot the PC and plug-in the flash drive again.

Adding Google Apps to Windows 8

By: Sam Jones | Mar 13, 2013 In this article we take a look at some of the ways you can add Google apps to the windows 8 operating system and also highlight some potential issues that may crop up in the future

How to Fix Blue Screen Errors - (Completed)

By: henerystove | Mar 7, 2013 We are specialist in Blue screen Fix Error and Providing the best solutions for the Fix blue screen errors.And Our experts Team are always ready to help the customers.And Providing you the Satisfaction Solutions for the Blue screen related errors.
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