'Nexus One' – Google phone coming soon

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In these days, everyone on our planet is eager to wait for the appearance of Google phone. Google created the great excitement for its employees by allowing testing a new Android-based mobile device. Besides, Google also confirmed in its blog that with the supports of partners, it was testing a handset with "innovative hardware". In the coming time, we will have chance to enjoy a new technology achievement, Nexus One – Google phone which is evaluated to be worth spending money on it.



After information on blog, Google continued revealing photos and details about the device. Some people say that Google phone would be an unlocked GSM device running the Android 2.1 mobile operating system and sold directly to buyers without wireless carrier subsidy. It is planned that Google phone will appear in the market this January.




That is all official information about new Iphone of Google at the present. To understand more about it, come to the latest speculation about Google's purported device.


  • Specs

    According to reports by Engadget and others, this device’s screen is possible to be slightly longer than the iPhone's (just under 5 inches), OLED display, trackball, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and a microSD expansion slot. Plus, many people think that Google phone will be thinner than the iPhone.


  • The name of Nexus One


There are many discussions around the name of Google phone, however, Nexus One officially chose for this device. Early Monday, Engadget stated a compliance report created by HTC for the FCC including some details about a quad-band GSM smart phone called the Nexus One. Also, the name Nexus One is used to call this device in some reports depended on unnamed sources.




  • T-Mobile


It is believed that Google phone would be an unlocked device and sold directly to customers. However, AllThingsD's Peter Kafka said that Google still wants to work with the big mobile carriers, and T-Mobile may have some kind of role in the launch. In the other hands, Google will do research some ideas for selling this phone. According to Kafka, you may select you carrier from a menu when purchasing the phone from Google's dedicated site. T-Mobile is regarded as a leading carrier for U.S. and European customers. This allows you getting a subsidized phone with a two-year contract though the phone is unlocked.



  • Website support


To be convenient for customers in follow this new device, Google have a website to support for them. You are able to visit: Google.com/phone/support  to have more information as well as to be assisted.


  • Just testing or pre-launch?


It is rumored that Google phone will appear in early January. But some people thought that the Nexus One/Google phone could just be a test device for trying out the latest Android platform. In their opinion, Google could develop the hardware and software, but wouldn't produce or brand the device. Therefore, is it better to transfer its design to other producer?
There are many debates now about the appearance of the Google phone. Whether it is ideal smart phone for the people who are passionate on technology or not? Wait for your own answer.

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'Nexus One' – Google phone coming soon

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This article was published on 2009/12/18