Rugged laptops and its applications

By: Gracy Watson | Jun 25, 2013 Rugged laptops incorporate features such as fully sealed keyboards to protect against intrusion by dust or liquids, and scratch-resistant screens that are readable in direct sunlight, basically providing myriads of advantages for military and other purposes. Rugged laptops find its applications in variety of fields namely military and aerospace applications etc.

Connecting to Google via the New acer chromebook

By: Paul Brighton | Jun 24, 2013 Using the new acer chromebook means you have instant access to all of the best Google tools like Google Plus.

Laptop owners are often shared with that they can easily fix laptop batteries

By: vernahan | Jun 6, 2013 Laptop owners are often shared with that they can easily fix laptop batteries in order to avoid the cost of buying a new. This is a bit of a misconception and is usually not the most beneficial idea.

Features and review of Lenovo Thinkpad T430

By: Zahra Hassan | May 23, 2013 Lenovo Thinkpad T430 is a highly popular laptop from Lenovo. This user friendly gadget is well equipped with a plethora of features. This device supports a rock solid build and high productivity which makes it a great choice for everyone.

An overview of the impressive Apple MacBook Pro MD213

By: Zahra Hassan | May 10, 2013 The Apple MacBook Pro MD213 is a good device to start. This laptop is sleek and stylish with great inbuilt features. It would provide you a great viewing experience and is equipped with the latest technology.

Keep your laptop in the Standby mode when you're able to

By: vernahan | May 8, 2013 Expensive batteries might are as long as 7 to 10 time and these are great for those who use their laptops for longer periods; especially if they are traveling. There're easily rechargeable using your laptop's power cord and so are sleek enough to generally be carried in your brief-case or bag along with the laptop without contributing any extra weight.

Reasons to carry your portable laptop stand with you

By: Angel Everton | Apr 17, 2013 Laptops are used in millions and despite the invasion of tablets people will continue to buy laptops and use them. Tablets are good – they are portable and they are small in size, very convenient to carry around.

How to Change Your Laptop Energy Power Plan In Windows 8

By: Sam Jones | Mar 27, 2013 Here we go through the steps of how to change the power plan on your laptop in Windows 8, helping you to conserve some energy.

Choosing Between Two Cool Tablets

By: Harry Shane | Mar 21, 2013 Finding it hard to decide whether to replace your iPad 2 and upgrade to the iPad mini? This article showcases their features and compares them so you can decide more easily.

Best Laptops Under $500 in 2013

By: Sonia Johnson | Mar 16, 2013 Are you looking for best laptops under $500 of 2013. Technical people have the tendency to dwell on certain details such as processor speed, battery life and all the other fancy features and ports.
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