Jewelers magnifying glasses - getting the best for your use

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Jewelers magnifying glasses are some of the most important tools used by jewelers and the fact that it is handheld makes it easier to control when examining fine jewelry. If you are looking for Jewelers magnifying glasses, you will need a high magnification range e.g. 10x. Since this will be a magnifying glass for this one purpose, you want to make sure you have a comfortable diameter to enable you to concentrate on the smallest of jewelry you have to examine. There are some Jewelers magnifying glasses that come in sets that have different magnifying strengths. Ensure that you have taken advantage of the availability of these glasses in sets and bought those that have high magnifying strength. Decide for yourself the average size of jewelry you examine and how much magnification you will need.

  Jewelers' magnifying glasses are mostly handheld and thanks to this fact there is a catch that comes with handheld magnifying glasses.  If the diameter of the lens is small, the curve will also be small and this means that the magnification will be high. The reverse is true; the larger the diameter of the Jewelers magnifying glasses means that the curve will be larger and the magnification will be lower. In other words, you cannot find magnifying glasses that are large and have high magnification. It is important therefore to keep in mind how much magnification you will need since this will determine the size of the handheld Jewelers magnifying glasses

Having decided on the kind of magnification strength you will go for, you want to make sure you have chosen the right kind of material for the lens. Jewelers magnifying glasses do not always have lens that are made of glass; there are those that are made of acrylic as well. The latter is a form of plastic that is lighter and is more durable than glass lens. Lens that are made of glass are heavier but are not as durable as acrylic lens. Acrylic lens are resistant to falls and scratches. The quality of magnification is not any different when the two are compared to each other, so you will not be losing anything.

Buying the Jewelers magnifying glasses from the right dealer is important since it will determine if the seller will give you a guarantee. The seller should be able to give you an unconditional guarantee and who will sell Jewelers magnifying glasses at a considerable affordable rate.

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Jewelers magnifying glasses - getting the best for your use

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This article was published on 2011/08/11