Is Glass Solid Or Liquid?

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Glass is a transparent material which is brittle in nature but chemically it is an amorphous material. Glass is used for multi purposes like in window panes, crockery, lenses etc. It is an inorganic product resulting from the fusion of silicates with boric oxide, phosphorous pentoxide or aluminum oxide. The main constitute of glass is silica. Though it appears to be solid in state but its state has been a topic of debate as some consider it a solid while others as liquid. It is a static and rigid object whose molecular structure does not undergo change while melting and solidifying to any shape. This is the reason why it possesses the quality of both the states.

How Glass is formed:

Glass is a super cooled liquid rather than true solid as it has more of liquid state quality. Glass is formed when the silica containing rocks start melting at high temperature and cool before they form a crystalline structure. Along with rocks the glass can also be formed by the action of lightning on a beach provided the beach sand is rich in silicates. Glass can also be manufactured artificially. For this the raw materials used are soda, lime, silica along with some other materials (which are optionally added to obtained desired characteristics like color, strength etc.) together at a high temperature to melt in a furnace. The procedure is carried out at a high temperature due to which it gets melted down properly and thus the resulting output product is molded into various shapes.

Types of Glasses

There are many varieties of glasses available that can be used for different purposes. One of such is Beveled Glass. Beveled glass is a specially designed glass by a procedure called Beveling. In this procedure bevels round the edge of glass is formed which behave like small prisms distracting sun light into seven colors. Due to this spectrum like structure Beveled glasses can be used in providing beautiful visual effects.

Like Beveled glass one more type of glass is available which is Automobile Toughened Glass. This is formed by heating normal glass to a high temperature to make a plastic like structure. This glass is then cooled suddenly without any delays otherwise its molecular structure would get disturbed and would not provide the desired results. The output glass thus we obtain from the procedure is far stronger then a normal glass

Another type of glass is Laminated Glass which is sometimes called safety glass. Unlike normal glass, when laminated glass is broken then it does not break up into sharp pieces. This is due to the fact that it is placed in positions between its own layers of glass. The type of glass has layers polyvinyl butryl, which makes it more resistant to sound. The main use of laminated glass is in automobile windshields, curtain walls etc.
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Is Glass Solid Or Liquid?

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This article was published on 2010/11/10