Information technology

Choosing a Healthcare Software Solution

By: Shandra Benson | Aug 30, 2013 With the recent tidings in the healthcare domain, the future looks set to welcome the multitude of changes in US healthcare domain. As federal and state requirements integrate with the healthcare machinery, insurance carriers and top level healthcare IT firms would be required to comply with these changes.

Businesses retreat with SDN

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Conventional networking relies more on software-hardware couple of various networking devices in order to make connections. However, a software-defined network removes this dependence on hardware and provides users with a customized open environment.

Open Source Virtualization

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Virtualization is a long-term investment for a business which allows the extendibility of the resources by accomodating more than one unit of resource on a single unit of serving unit, such as a server. Open source is another add-on for this concept to profitize businesses.

Complete Clean Up Tools Create Best Condition For Your Computer

By: ivyyue | Aug 21, 2013 Do you have any worries about your computer condition? Is your computer slowing down? Similar troubles like personal information leaking, hard disk problems can be solved by Amigabit tools in minutes. Read the article for detailed introduction!

A Sneak Peek at the Benefits and Features of Symfony Web Development

By: Roland Bleyer | Aug 13, 2013 Symfony is an open source PHP framewok for web application development. Symfony framework help developers to create more beautiful and testable all code is object-oriented With MVC pattern implementation and a very flexible structure.

Is Cloud Computing Solution Good For Your Business?

By: Vipin Chauhan | Aug 7, 2013 Today, various companies use cloud computing solutions and these dramatic changes can be noticed in every kind of business whether it is small or large organization. So what actually is cloud computing? Here is a short note:

Less than a year before the plug is pulled on Windows XP and Office 2003

By: RealIT | Jul 30, 2013 Windows XP and Office 2003 will reach the end of it's support life on April 8, 2014. This means there will be no new security updates or fixes, no support or online content released to solve technical issues. What will the impact on your business be?

Software Development for New and Small Businesses

By: Mitchelle Garry | Jul 16, 2013 For anyone who plans to engage into business, surely, budget is a big issue. The primary element needed to start up a something that could bring us money is money itself. We commonly use the term capital to refer to the amount

Android App Development is Going To Be The Only Trend In Mobile Software Industry.

By: Mia Klaus | Jun 26, 2013 Summary - Reports from various sources suggest that Apple is soon going to lose its supremacy in tablet market. iPad has been dominating since 2010 but now, Android with its unchallenging adoption, will also lead in this market.

Bookmarks: Access Your Favorite Websites without Typing the URL

By: NickAdams | Jun 10, 2013 Suppose you were surfing Internet last night when suddenly you came across a website that holds a quite useful information regarding your ongoing project and you got filled with excitement to have such a help in hand. The next afternoon, you decided to use that website but when you were about to type the address of the website all you had in mind is lots of confusion because you didn’t remember
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