How To Maximize Team Collaboration with the Enterprise Microblogging Software?

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The most important requisite in a business operation is synchronization. Distributed teams with individual goals and methodologies, lack of compatibility, and lack of collaboration amongst the various teams are the ground realities that exist in every business organization. Dissatisfactory outputs are therefore not a surprise at all. Projects are allocated to teams without assessing the capabilities and the proficiency of the individuals. Projects are launched without a well-charted workflow. The team members are not aware of the progress of the project. In the midst of the progress some team members quit. New hires are given the responsibility of steering the project from where the old team members have left, and expected to demonstrate laudable results without any clarity on the project.

Although this scene unfolds every time, there is hardly any initiative to address the issue with a concrete strategy. You can definitely learn a lesson from the popular social networking stratagem and incorporate it meaningfully into your business. Why can’t you implement the same methodology to assimilate your independent teams and processes as a unified force through the effective enterprise microblogging software?

The software provides facilities such as bringing teams together and providing them a universal platform for discussing and sharing opinions on a particular project. Each team member can contribute their valuable inputs and solutions can be achieved easily and quickly.  Status can be viewed by everyone as the project progresses. New joiners can easily comprehend the nature of the project and won’t feel lost with the blog posts and discussions that are readily available.

The software provides the convenience of attaching documents and links, video and audio files and anything that is relevant to the project. With the microblogging software the issues of endless mails  and lost correspondences is resolved. The software enhances online team collaboration and this is particularly beneficial when you have two or more teams in different locations working on the same project. The microblogging software provides a concise platform for everyone to be on the same level and ensures that the project is completed on time.

This social business software is a wonderful tool that helps you to evaluate your employees, to understand their talents and personalities. The activities that each employee participates in provide you with important insight to gauge their individual capabilities. This software is also handy for the mobile employees as they can access applications and download files through any mobile phone or tablets. It provides customized email alert facilities which helps you remain in contact with the people you want to without the need of logging in. The communication process is carried out using a private and highly secure network. You can step-up your operations and reap rich benefits by infusing the enterprise microblogging software.


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How To Maximize Team Collaboration with the Enterprise Microblogging Software?

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How To Maximize Team Collaboration with the Enterprise Microblogging Software?

This article was published on 2012/03/30