Give your Products a New Look with Effective Coding and Marking

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When it is concerned with the efficient packaging of a product it becomes important that the product should be labeled with all the necessary details that are required for the buyer. It can provide you the information related to the care and the usage of the product. This business has advanced with a tremendous project in the past recent years.

Various technologies have been developed to enhance the operations of these industries. The demands and necessities of people have gone under drastic changes. Customers now want the undying coding on the products so that they can read it clearly. It is important to choose a right type of technology which can suits best with the purpose of the product. So it is essential to analyze and choose the right type of technology for coding and marking. The required information about the product should be engraved on the manufactured goods. The technology should convey accurate codes.

Due to increased competition in the industries it becomes even more difficult to choose the right technology for coding the products. There are some factors which can be helpful to select the right skill for marking the product.

1. Quality of prints The prints should be clear and easily readable. Undying coding can help serving this purpose. Quality of ink should be good. Sufficient space should be provided between every two words or codes.

2. Time Requirement The time that will be required to complete a project should also be considered. The technology which takes less time and gives desired results should be selected.

3. Budget The budget also plays an important role in deciding the right type of coding and marking technology. You can decide for the skills to be used keeping in view the budget pattern of your company.

4. Cost of setting up the machinery The total cost involved in setting up the machinery should be well thought-out first. The estimated cost will help you take decision as to what kind of machinery is required and how much will it affect the budget.

Once you consider this entire required factor you will be able to make a wise decision for choosing the right equipments that should suit your application. There is a range of different types of technologies which can be used for coding and marking. These are Laser coding, Thermal- transfer, over printing, Binary-array ink-jet etc. These machines are capable of giving the desired results for a variety of applications. All the applications are different from each other, so all these should be considered in respect of content, fabric and budget.

Laser coding is considered as one of the cost effective technologies. It does not require any ink to be inserted and moreover it is a clean and dry process. It can also be sustained for thousands of hours and without any preservation.

Food industry generally use thermal –transfer over printing for marking their products in which elastic packaging is involved. This technology is widely used in retail sector and it saves the cost as well.

For high resolution bar codes and texts Binary-array ink-jet technology is used. This technology is widely used for coding of containers, papers, plastic bottles, gaming, lottery etc.

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Give your Products a New Look with Effective Coding and Marking

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This article was published on 2012/05/17