Generate Internet Income by Increasing Your Page Rank

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Search for the phrase Get top ranking in Google and you will get millions of results from so-called experts who promise you the page one position for your keywords on Google. I am sure some of these services work, but I just cannot make sense even imagining that most of them do what they promise to.

And that is because no one (except the Google team) knows what algorithm Google uses to rank a website. And to complicate the situation even more, it is a documented fact that the Google team changes its algorithm every now and then. So there is no way of gaming the search engine to your benefit.

But there is one undeniable fact about your ranking on Google, which is: Google at least PARTLY uses the number of your website back links to generate your ranking in the search results. So one fool-proof way to get your ranking higher over time is to generate more back links to your websites.

Increasing back-links also increases your Page Rank eventually, which helps your website get further recognition from the search engines. Having a very high PR has many distinct advantages:

1. Other webmasters are expected to be more receptive of your requests to partner up with them
2. A high PR makes your website spidered on a very frequent basis
3. If you allow third-party banners to be put up on your website, you can generally charge a very high rate if your website has a high PR

That being said, you should try to get your PR as high as possible. To make that happen, you have to SEO your website. There are many Search Engine Optimization services available online but never expect these services to do all the work for you. You should always be actively using your website and increasing your web presence yourself.

In conclusion, if you want a higher rank, get other websites to link to you! To know exactly how to do that, you have to go through my previous articles.

Work slowly and consistently in increasing your web presence through and you will very soon find yourself on the front page of Google!

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Generate Internet Income by Increasing Your Page Rank

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This article was published on 2013/03/25