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General Aptitude Online Tests - Make Tests to Improve General Skills

By: sattyjones | Sep 7, 2011 General Aptitude Online Tests are easily accessible here, but for this you have to give your time to make practice by which you easily can cross the various exams. Having the ideas of such questions, you can do questions in the various exams.

The Easiest Way to Transfer PDF to PowerPoint on Mac

By: adams78 | Jul 14, 2011 the easiest way to transfer PDF to PPT on Mac, In the article, a college professor shares his experience and recommends PDF to PowerPoint for Mac.

Transfer Your Important Files with the Help of a Scanning Perth Service

By: Marth Simmons | Jul 8, 2011 Should you need to preserve significant documents for example paintings, images, or maps, a large format scanning Perth company can help you with this.  Advances in digital imaging technology make this feasible. Stay away from being forced to stockpile piles of paper now!

Most suitable 1TB External Hard Drive

By: Walter Hart | Jun 3, 2011 As the demand for data storage is increasing on consistent basis nowadays, you can conveniently discover the corresponding 1TB external hard drive being found in the market. Some years back, storage space such as this magnitude was not known. Besides, 1GB was even thought to have excessive space for anyone. For clear understanding, you need to realize that 1TB is equivalent to 1024GB of computer memory space or storage capacity.

Microsoft Excel Password Recovery - Make it Easy

By: xiyang | Jun 1, 2011 Microsoft Office Excel is a fantastic program used by millions of people around the world. Whether you use it for your personal files or for work, this is a powerful tool that helps to analyze information and store it securely. With Microsoft Excel users are able to import and organize massive data sets within expanded spreadsheets, keeping everything neat and organized.

How to rip DVD to AVI and convert DVD to AVI

By: Neison | May 17, 2011 This step by step guide is mainly about AVI video, it will show you how to rip and convert DVD to AVI on windows and Mac? What is AVI video? How to play AVI video on Windows and Mac.

Freelance Web Design guidelines - Effective Self Promotion

By: nadra | May 14, 2011 This may seem clear but it's significant: no one knows you're a web design specialist until you tell them. Similar to I mentioned before, you have to be sociable, and eager to talk about the services you present. Here are some gears that will help increase understanding of your freelance web design trade


By: Anjali Agrawal | May 12, 2011 The .psd format is the Adobe Photoshop data format which can be read on any machine that has Adobe Photoshop installed. It is cross platform and can be used on both PCs and Macs. The PSD format provides extended support for layering, alpha channels, paths, and vectors. The PSD source file included with our templates are usually in a sliced format which allows you to customize and make changes to t

Having Trouble Opening That .DAT File?

By: Dylan Ross | Apr 15, 2011 People often find themselves confused by those three letters following the dot in the names of digital files, namely the .DAT file. Moreover, some people have no idea what you are talking about when you mention a .DAT file, much less when you talk about open DAT file. While it might seem that some huge conspiracy is going on with the objective of confusing computer users everywhere, the explanatio

Data Conversion Services

By: David Nelson | Apr 4, 2011 Data Conversion is the process of converting one data type or data format to another digital data format with the required structure and coding as needed. Data Conversion is essential for each and every organization, since the data comes from various formats from different sources like paper documents, forms; excel files, word documents, access databases, scanned images of paper documents etc. Thi
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