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Verify your digitally signed pdf with digital signature verification!

By: Anna Stacy | Oct 30, 2013 Digital signatures proved itself of much help and now let’s move on to digital signature verification. Just imagine that you are expecting a document from someone in pdf or very important receipt of some purchase but in pdf version.

Tools You Can Use To Compress Files

By: Ben Vestic | Jun 4, 2012 In sending and storing important files, it is essential that you know how to use compression. This will help you ensure that you still can conserve the space in your hard drive while keeping all the files that are important for you. Also, it would make sending emails faster and without the hassle of creating multiple messages with a number of attachments.

Audio File Formats: Your Guide in the World of Music

By: Martha Burton | May 21, 2012 The article gives a review of different audio formats and basic tips how to handle them.

Which Video Format to Choose?

By: Lara Clarkson | May 6, 2012 The article highlights the benefits of all the popular video formats and explains how they can be used in certain situations.

WAV or MP3 - Which Is Better and Why?

By: Mary Demoss | May 2, 2012 The article is dedicated to the benefits of these popular audio formats and specific features you have to keep notice of when working with your audio files.

Irremovable Files & Folders of Recycle Bin on Windows 7

By: Jimmy Ray Jit | Apr 20, 2012 Get to know the easy and simple ways to get the files easily deleted from the Recycle Bin and also techniques to get all Windows 7 errors removed completely.

Send your Easter Greetings to your Family Members Living Far Away!

By: Harsin Carter | Apr 6, 2012 Easter is celebrated in many parts of the world, but on different dates depending upon the place you live in. In America, the Easter falls on the date somewhere between 22 March and 25 April. In other countries, it may fall on some other date.

AVI video file format- the new era of video advancement

By: hankwongg | Dec 13, 2011 the vide format that dominates all forms of other video formats is AVI. Most of the technological advancements demand that the video being played is on the avi format.

High-Tech Mobile Presentations: Travel Light and Present Strong

By: sarah pat | Sep 21, 2011 Since the launching and released of mobile devices, businessmen and professionals went mobile. This everyday working style is understandable for professionals and business people to get more customers, clients or business partners. The economically active population has to keep on moving, meet people, discuss and prepare business presentations outside a four-cornered office room

Fashion style lct sunglass retail at good price with good quality

By: jenna robort robort | Sep 17, 2011 The first is very small, round retro sunglasses recommended, we call this a long time ago diorama, but it made a comeback this year, everywhere, shining inside and out. Often seen in the shooting of the street, as the models of sunglasses for your girls face thinner.
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