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There have been a lot of advancements in technology over the years, but recently the event technology industry has excelled immensely. The event technology industry relates to, in easy terms, all of the technology that is used in events such as concerts, plays, corporate events, or trade shows. This technology can be anywhere from the lighting all the way to the special effects. An industry leader in this industry is LMG who has done several amazing events over the years.

The equipment that was used back in the day to light up events has totally changed. Instead of using simple lighting and video there is now new ways to take your presentations to another level. Fog screens have changed the projection technology allowing no need for a fixed screen. Fog is made from ordinary tap water which is then projected onto. With fog screens you are able to walk right through the fog, while being projected upon, without getting wet.

Other advancements include the use of LED lighting which can be used for different effects. For use on corporate events, tradeshows, and live events LED lighting can provide a lightweight, bright, unique kind of light to your presentation. They can be put together in tiles such as the FLED 7 which can deliver stunning smooth high resolution imagery with rich black levels and contrast. These lightweight tiles only weight 9 pounds per for low transportation expenses. LED cells are also put together to make a colorweb which is like a large panel of lights.

Video/lighting software is also a huge hit during concerts. When the lighting is coordinated with the video or music the effect is incredible. Strobe lights have been also used in conjunction with the software. The network processing unit that controls all of these special effects now includes touch screen interfaces and much more controls.

Event technology is booming in the United States. Concerts, expos, and plays are happening everyday and the special effects are needed to make for a well worthy show. The only way to be able to make these shows possible is by renting an event technology company to tour with you. Having the professional help will put a wow factor in the faces of your fans or guests!

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Event Tecnology

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This article was published on 2010/09/11