Directional Infrared Countermeasures

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It has the capability of analyzing almost up to four gases at a time. When circumstances demand, even more than four gases can be monitored. A combination of four different technologies is put together into one unit for very efficient functioning. The systems undergo a stringent testing process which sees to it that every unit works to perfection. An investment on such a system will give you an option of up gradation as the technology advances. One will have to spend a very minimal amount on up gradation.

They can be used in very hostile environments and still works to perfection. This is because of its robust build which can take a lot of beating. They do not occupy too much space and they are very environment friendly. The gas selectivity in such systems is great. A variety of models of such equipment are available where they can be mounted on a rack and also non-rack models are available.


• Multiple gas analysers which can analyse and detect up to 4 gases at once.

• They can be used in all sorts of environments be it rugged hostile conditions or very friendly conditions.

• All they require is one single power input which can supply the necessary power to run the whole system.

• They can be upgraded on a later date as technology advances. This does not require too much hardware changes. The upgrade cost would be minimal and cost effective.

• The fields where the measurements have to be made are researched for extremely accurate results.

• Usually these systems are very robust in nature and compact in size.

• They can be specifically designed keeping in mind the user requirements.


They are extremely efficient and error probability is very low. They can be easily operated in room temperature and does not require specific temperature stabilization. Because of their compactness they can readily fit into any environment. They are not very heavy and yet can sustain rough use. Very special optics is used for scanning and sensing purposes. They have an average power output of around 200 mega watts at sixty percent duty cycle rates. They are very useful for development of newer products. They are widely used in stimulator markets. The directional infrared countermeasures are gaining great popularity in the business field and are a major tool which would help organizations achieves optimization of use of resources. They also help in great productivity and increase the scope for development.

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Directional Infrared Countermeasures

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Directional Infrared Countermeasures

This article was published on 2011/08/31