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Present, in China Printer There are four types of printer products market: dot matrix printer, laser printer, page printers and inkjet printers. With the popularity of digital color printers, LED imaging technology has once again pushed to the forefront of the market. Since 2003, some of the original on the LED print head manufacturers are not interested in starting research. As the LED imaging technology to mature, some manufacturers have expressed interest in this technology.

Printer manufacturer OKI has been in addition to holding high the banner of LED print technology, but also some manufacturers have tried to enter the field, such as Fujitsu, NEC have all been engaged in LED R & D, but for various reasons to give up eventually the. However, to today, with the development and expansion of LED printer, with the other vendors continue to join, it will affect the whole industry chain. Such as Fuji Xerox, which introduced a new generation of LED technology?? SLED, let Xiaobian bring you the following to understand what these two technologies, as well as representatives of their products.

LED technology Speaking of LED technology, the first thought is OKI's LED printer, it uses gray scale of VDC technologies, such VDC LED technology has changed the former head of each light source of only two gray limits, to achieve 32 a gray-scale printing, so printing excessive levels of more natural, more fine print. Second, high-definition micro fine toner, this unique toner wax print quality can be greatly enhanced, even in ordinary paper can also be presented and the soft sheen of high-definition, may achieve a high degree of clear text and rich color performance Even so repeatedly printing the same image, you can achieve consistent output.

LED printers use an image to go straight paper path, this method can effectively take paper, cardboard rate reduction, can adapt to a thicker paper about adoption can print 268gsm of thick paper. Another LED hair shaved head and the distance between the photosensitive drum is very small, so the printer can be a very small volume. LED head all the semiconductor components do, so very good stability and reliability, longer service life. LED first degree of freedom in design is very high, such as LED-based printer A4 format, to develop into A3-format printer as long as the LED head extension click on it, so from the design point of view, as a small LED head, scalability is high, from the design stage has embodied the concept of energy conservation.

SLED Technology SLED technology developed by Fuji Xerox, its fundamental purpose is to reduce the size of the printer and one machine, by changing the paper path and the imaging methods, better control of product size. SLED technology is developed to ensure File High-quality output, SLED technology to achieve true 1200 × 2400dpi resolution, which the LED through advanced print head technology and higher-level imaging technology to ensure high quality output of 1200 × 2400dpi. One LED print head technology, including new design lens, 1200dpi precision SLED ASIC chips and full-featured controller, a higher level of imaging technology is the application of image enhancement processing and network technology MACS hanging.

SLED technology compared to conventional LED print technology to ensure users can be reduced between two adjacent LED light interference, reducing the traditional stripes LED printer image production, the bottom ash to reduce the production of traditional printers, LED printers to reduce network too large impact print quality.

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Create A New Pattern Of Led / Sled Technology In

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This article was published on 2010/10/27