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Mark Zuckerberg became the "Man of the Year" voted by Time Magazine  at the age of 24. He makes people wonder what helps this young billionaire turn Facebook into a social network for the $50 billion. Let’s look at CEO of Facebook and comments by those who ever met him.

In “Game Changers” program (The characters change the game), Bloomberg TV channel interviewed from investors to the former security manager of Facebook Chris Kelly to find out which factors led a computer science student to become a billionaire and CEO of popular social network site today.

"He's always had friends. He's a pretty social guy. I think the last time I checked, I think, 879 friends on Facebook?" said Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas

Carlson commented: "Mark wanted to have control over his own project. He saw that they were on to something cool, but he saw that he could do something cooler... If he's going to go against someone, he's going to crush them."

"We needed an actual programmer to write the actual hard lines of code, and we thought Mark was that guy. He was enthused. He was excited. And clearly his eyes were lighting up." told one of the Winklevoss twins

"He comes from an unbelievably supportive family... He's kind of a prince. And I think his parents in fact called him the prince." - David Kirkpatrick, the author of Facebook Effect

"One of the things that Mark did that was very smart by going to Palo Alto was to enter the Petri dish of entrepreneurial-ism, particularly for new technology." - Ellen McGirt, senior writer at Fast Company

"The first time I met Mark, we climbed out on the roof and did our interview. He was clearly very young, but he had a sophisticated sense of where he wanted to take Facebook." - Chris Kelly, the first privacy officer

MTV CEO Michael J. Wolf commented "I told him we'd be willing to pay as much as $1.5 billion to buy Facebook outright. Mark answered 'I think it's worth a lot more. And besides, you've seen my apartment. I don't really need the money. And at the same time, I may never have an idea as good as this one."

"We believe Facebook should reverse its policy to begin exploring guidelines so users know what is happening up front." - Chuck Shumer

"Even though his members were in open revolt, he was not the slightest bit flustered. He had complete confidence he was right." - Kirkpatrick, on meeting Zuckerberg for the first time two days after the Newsfeed debacle.

"It was like the gold rush. You open up this wonderful platform and in comes every developer with every idea." – McGrit

"You can't underestimate how driven Zucker burg is. His mission is to be No. 1, to be inscribed in granite above Bill Gates." - Wired writer Ryan Singel

Zuckerberg spends an hour a day learning Chinese so that he can compete in China

CEO of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg


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This article was published on 2011/06/27