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Glass Block Flower Vase

  • For this purpose a 12" x 12" pre-drilled glass block of any color with one edge completely removed, will be required.
  • Use two types of flowers, one of a shade contrasting the one of the glass block, and one similar to the glass block. For instance, if you use a purple glass block, you can use a combination of deep purple tulips and pink roses for your flower arrangement.
  • Use a few stems, not too many, as you do not want an overflowing vase. Make your flower arrangement, with the use of appropriate fillers and foliage.
  • This glass block craft makes a wonderful centerpiece for your dining table. You can use paper or silk flowers if the flowers of your choice are not easily available. This also helps create the exact desired arrangement.
  • For a stronger effect, wrap a contrasting bow around the glass block.
  • Another way of using a glass block as a vase is to drill 3 holes at equal distances from each other, and place single stems of the same flower in each hole. It makes a simple yet delightful craft item.

Glass Block Christmas Decoration

  • Use a pre-drilled 8" x 8" glass block for this purpose. You may also use a solid glass block, and drill a small hole into the center of one of its edges.
  • Push in a string of Christmas lights, so that they are placed in a circular fashion inside the glass block. It needn't be exactly circular. Leave the plug outside.
  • Use a thick ribbon, in a color of your choice, and wrap a bow around the glass block.
  • When lit, this glass block craft makes one of the best Christmas decorations or Christmas gifts.
  • Further enhance this glass block, by eliminating the bow and sticking a picture of Santa on the surface. When illuminated, it will definitely add to the Christmas spirit.

Glass Block Masterpiece

  • Create a scene of your choice on the glass block, by using stain glass paints.
  • Clean the block of dust. Use a black, gold or silver outline tube, meant specifically for glass painting surfaces.
  • Fill it in with colors suiting the scene or the painting.
  • Your stained glass painting could be as simple as a single flower in the center of the block, to an entire scene, perhaps of a desert with travelers on camels.
  • You can also cut out figures from craft paper and stick them on the glass block. Furthermore, add some accessories such as a ribbon, or other 3-dimensional objects to give it a more realistic and authentic effect.
  • On the other hand, cut out the figures from chart paper, and trace just the outline on the glass block. Once the outline dries, with a brush, run a shade of color outside the outline to highlight it further. Again, wrap it with a bow that matches the colors of the paints you have used, and your glass block craft is complete.
  • If the glass blocks aren't clear, and have a pattern on them, highlight this pattern by streaking just the pattern lines with a golden paint (not necessarily glass paint), or any other color of your choice. When placed against light, the highlights stand out and make it an excellent piece of decor.
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Christmas stained glass | Stained Glass Design

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This article was published on 2010/11/23