Biometric Facial Recognition -- Benefits And Advantages

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One of the most effective types of biometric that exists today is the facial recognition technology wherein a computer analyzes a facial structure and composition of a certain individual. Biometric facial recognition technology is actually being used in different fields.

Believe it or not, there are now laptops that have this kind of biometric technology (such as the one that I am using right now). The user no longer needs to input his or her password since all he needs to do is to show his face in front of the built-in camera of the laptop itself and then the laptop will automatically detect the facial structure of the user. If the system has found a match on the database, it will automatically unlock. Voila! You opened your computer's desktop without even typing on the keyboard securely.

That is just one of the advantages of using biometric facial recognition technology and there are still many. Another benefit that we can take advantage of using biometric facial recognition technology is the searching for known criminals. A lot of police agencies now have a database of known criminals or those who already have records of felony. Facial recognition becomes helpful by the time that an investigator is searching for the name of a particular person only by using his face.

In relation to the above benefit, facial recognition technology is also now being used in airports, stadiums, malls, and any other place where it may be targeted by terrorists. If the surveillance camera has picked up an image of a person with existing criminal record, the police will then be alerted so that they may be able to take necessary actions.

It is true that there are a lot of benefits or advantages that we can get from using biometric facial recognition technology but we also have to consider that there are also disadvantages of using the said technology such as the invasion of privacy which may be a result of error in the technology itself.


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Biometric Facial Recognition -- Benefits And Advantages

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This article was published on 2011/01/11