Benefits of Innovative Business Intelligence Tools

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The world today is in a constant flux. As they say, change is the only consistent thing. This applies to the professional world as well. Business houses today are defining new goals in marketing, advertising, product development and many more verticals. Along with this come the strategies for executing these objectives well. In today’s competitive age, it is essential that employees engage in making the most of an enterprise’s operating information. This is effective in gaining a competitive edge over others. It also assists in improving efficiency. The same can be attained by using innovative Business Intelligence tools that acts as a benefit in your B2B marketing and sales processes.

Business Intelligence tools when combined with the organization’s operational data can assist you to:-

  • Increase sales utilizing selling tools based on facts
  • Get budgeted sales
  • Earn profits by targeting profitable actions
  • Assists in predicting the future behavior of prospects and customers
  • Reduce low-yield activities in the sales process
  • Increase customer loyalty and retain them forever
  • Implement advanced promotions and advertising tools
  • Increase the accuracy and timeliness of sales predictions
  • Increase proportion of high value users in the customer mix


Leading companies specializing in Product R& D Services today enable their clients to create cost-efficient, robust business intelligence tools. This is done by utilizing an innovative combination of open source, proprietary and other stand alone technologies. These solution providers own their separate teams for engineering and support. They also have a vast experience in a variety of BI tools having multiple purposes for instance, data processing and data acquisition.

It is an organization’s capacity to collate, avail and analyze quickly the crucial data for being able to arrive at successful business decisions. An important factor in providing efficient business intelligence tools and data warehousing solutions is offering high performance within a minimal price range. Top market players in this category provide support services and software product development for every aspect of business intelligence and data warehousing. Some of the focus areas are as follows:-


  • ETL and Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • BI Tool Benchmarking and Integration

Simultaneously, these solution providers of BI tools partners with BI-enabled organizations and ISV’s to develop and assist effective, cost-effective business intelligence solutions that uses time-tested methodologies. Furthermore, it has a combination of open source (Pentaho, JasperSoft), proprietary (Oracle, Microsoft), and stand alone Ab Initio, Informatica, BiRT) technologies.


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Benefits of Innovative Business Intelligence Tools

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This article was published on 2012/03/29