Android v/s iOS Which is The Best?

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Everyone wants to have a smartphone; either powered by Android or iOS. Both the operating systems are full of amazing features and qualities, but still there are some pros of one over the cons of the other and vice versa. Here is the comparison of both the operating systems to find out the best one.

•  Application Development: Android application development takes place for an open source platform.. Developers can build an app and submit it to the Google Play Store. Developers need not to wait even for an approval. The app is published just after develop submit on the store. On the other hand, the iOS developer has to go with a very tough monitoring procedure. Apple has a big list of strict rules because of that the developer needs to go through each aspect of the terms and conditions before submitting the app.

•  Multi-Tasking: It’s from the user’s point of view. iOS does not provide the facility of multi-tasking. So, the user has to close the running application before starting the other. Whereas, Android provides a brilliant multi-tasking experience. It does not exit from any running app, although it hides the apps for decreasing the power consumption.

•  Wireless File Sharing: iOS is not able to share files between non-iOS devices through Bluetooth. The iOS can pair with an iOS device only. But Android has the facility to share files with any device which is having the Bluetooth file sharing feature.

•  Flash Player: iOS does not have flash player feature and even it is not able to install that. But Android has flash player inbuilt in the operating system.

•  Stability: Both the operating systems are quite stable but even because of the multi-tasking feature, Android seems to be more stable. Since, Android never closes any running app, the stability increases. But it also depends upon the type of app installed to use.

•  Customization: iOS has quite restricted customization process. The choices are very limited, so that, it reduces the freedom to customize the device. On the other hand, Android resembles flexibility in the customization of the device. It provides a wide range of applications which helps in the compete customization of the device.

•  Cost: iPhone devices are not in the reach of every user because they are very sophisticated and expensive but on the same instant, Android devices are less expensive and easily available for every user having limited budgets. It provides a very reasonable value so that a user can easily buy a device powered by Google Android.

Both the devices are in the process of growth and achieving new targets to accomplish their market in the smartphone industry. But among the both, Android has proved its importance and qualities over iOS.

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Android v/s iOS Which is The Best?

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This article was published on 2013/08/29