Android Application Development Elucidated

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Android is an operating system which has been created through the partnership of Google and Open Handset Alliance.  The application platform of android is powered by Linux Kernel and it is providing an open source for independent developers and even android application development companies to develop engaging and successful applications.  The platform has been built in a way that the total overall investment required for android application development is low and it is hence attracting people from all corners of the world to strive to share a pie in the cake of this android application platform.
With the passage of time, smart phones have almost become an integral part of the lives of the people.  Not only are corporate executives being lured towards making their mobile phones do more but even the collegians and people, from other walks of life, are willing to make their mobile phone more effective and efficient.  One can make this out from the increased number of people who are preferring smart phones over the conventional ones and the way in which applications for various purposes are being desired and sought.  Today an android application development company has to look at such avenues as entertainment, sports, business, weather, financial markets, travel, restaurants, flights and others.  In other words, smart phones have come to assume the roles of smaller and mobile personal computers.
Therefore, one can believe that android application development has a rich future.  Not only are the current users looking for more intriguing applications, even the untapped market is now going the smart way and hence are increasing the role of android application development.
The process of android application development generally entails a thorough knowledge of java which has to be used in the process of development of the application.  One can even utilize third party applications by utilizing the java and open source framework.  Allowing 2D and 3D graphics, an Android phone uses various forms of communication and data transfer which include EDGE, GSM, CDMA, WI-FI, EV-D0, UMTS and Bluetooth.  Various formats of images, music and video are enabled with an android device.  An android application development company can be hugely benefited by knowing this scope of the android platform as it would then be able to leverage the technology and its inclusiveness to the fullest.
The easy framework of the platform allows every android application development company to establish innovative and creative ideas for android applications and even completely execute them without any hassles and difficulties.  All this has culminated into a large number of members of the industry who are exploring newer avenues of utilizing the platform of android.

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Android Application Development Elucidated

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Android Application Development Elucidated

This article was published on 2012/02/11