Video Conferencing

Top 5 Good Public Relations Tips That Can Do Wonders For Your Business

By: Swarjit Kumar | May 10, 2012 I am not an entrepreneur nor do I have business background to understand the intricacies of this profession but I do have a basic business sense to get an idea of how it works. I think any business has got some amount of risk factor attached with it to start with and you need to take every step with utmost care to avoid the pitfalls. I have been working with a business house as a content writer fo

Hosting High Profile Virtual Events Made Easy with Operator Assisted Conferencing

By: Thosino Weven | May 8, 2012 The unique feature of operator attended conferencing solutions is that the whole event is supervised by a personnel designated to the customer by the service provider.

Is There Any End To Frequent Business Tours?

By: Swarjit Kumar | May 7, 2012 Traveling was one of the important activities of business in past, technology is making this world to live easily. Do you know on such latest technology that is helping business to reduce traveling is video conference, and the HD version which produces effects of presence is Telepresence. This cutting edge technology is widely getting accepted by many big, medium and small businesses.

Benefits of Audio Web Conference for Multinational Companies

By: Thosino Weven | May 6, 2012 In order to set up a conference call, conference service providers offer a common calling number to all participants along with a secure PIN. The PIN is case-sensitive in nature and only shared among the individuals who have been registered for the session.

Potent Benefits of Conference Calling for Business Communication

By: Thosino Weven | May 3, 2012 Conference calling is specifically designed so that moderator or host can contact every other participant and add them to an ongoing session.

Web Conferencing Gains Traction in India as document Sharing Emerges as a Top Collaboration Tool

By: arkadin india | May 2, 2012 Research house Forrsights Strategy Spotlight Collaboration Survey has come out with a report that shows 71 per cent users in Asia Pacific are hailing file sharing as the key collaboration driver in web conferencing.

Business Conferencing Services for Growing SMBs in Hong Kong

By: Thosino Weven | Apr 26, 2012 Web video conferencing is one of the most cost effective ways for these SMBs to save money and time. This service enables a group of people to communicate with their associates and peers in real-time conveniently.

Make Virtual Conferences Successful with Operator Attended Solutions

By: Dines Mark | Apr 26, 2012 For any firm based in Malaysia, whether large, medium or small in size, operator attended conferencing can come off as the best way to conduct a high profile virtual events in a professional manner.

Unified Communication for Promoting Remote Collaboration

By: Lee Mark | Apr 24, 2012 Today, Singapore is considered as one of the best places to start a business by the World Bank. There are several provisions provided by Singapore government for investors, including 100 per cent ownership, restriction-free business and low taxes.
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