Video Conferencing

Top 5 Video Conferencing Features You Must Know

By: deeksha | Nov 29, 2012 Generally when a new technology is introduced, all are eager to know about its features, price and availability which are the main things that deliver the service to the user. Video Conferencing is one of the technologies that will provide a great service to all generations. Here are some of its important features which we all have to know.

The giant leap in education sector

By: Srija Ghoshal | Oct 31, 2012 The progress of a nation depends largely on the manpower and proper utilization of resources at hand. The young generation holds a promise for a bright future if directed at the right time in a proper way. India with its large population is still a young nation yet to establish itself as a developed nation. There’s no doubt that it is fast coming up as a strong nation with the best of the infras

Video Conferencing – Connecting Remote Australia to Promote Health and Education

By: Yank Dines | Jul 25, 2012 Geographically one of the largest countries in world, Australia is steadily relying on video conferencing solutions to overcome the geographical distance that hinders growth rate of health and education services in the country.

How a Video Conferencing Works?

By: Stiven Benson | Jul 18, 2012 The purpose of the videoconference is put in contact, through a system of video and audio, two or more geographically separated people. The system works like a TV channel bidirectional and provides a great natural collaboration between those people.

Mobile Video Conferencing for a Globally Distributed Workforce

By: Lee Mark | Jul 18, 2012 The biggest boost in the prospects of enterprise video conferencing has been the vast improvement in Quality of Service (QoS). The solutions available nowadays are able to render HD video in the meeting, which brings the picture closer to reality and creates an in-room meeting environment despite geographical limitations.

Using Hosted Webcasting Solutions to make Investor Relations Calls

By: Thosino Weven | May 23, 2012 Virtual Conferencing products are ideal for hosting videos, audio clips, images and other multimedia files on the Internet for analysts and financial experts to view. The participants can join the virtual venue of the earnings call by simply signing in using the secure ID and password provided to them.

Extend video conferencing outside of the boardroom

By: Mark Stainton-James | May 22, 2012 Get more from your existing video conference room investments by providing interoperability with ipad, android and desktop systems. Find out how to video conference directly with your customers without the need to install software or make firewall changes Enhance the disaster recovery capabilities of your VC Environment. All with no Capex

Collaborate Seamlessly with Online Integrated Conferencing Solutions

By: Lee Mark | May 21, 2012 With a shrinking resource pool and restricted budget due to adverse economic conditions, the demand for communication systems that allow remotely located users to work in real-time has increased. In this scenario, Cisco WebEx has emerged as a suitable communication platform for hosting scalable webinars and virtual events for lead generation and remote collaboration.

Benefits of Conference Calling for Corporate Communication

By: Thosino Weven | May 21, 2012 In 2010, the audio conferencing revenue of the Asia Pacific region was a massive $ 669.1 million, representing the huge demand for this communication solution in the region.

Use Hosted Video Conferencing Solutions to Save Hardware Costs

By: Yank Dines | May 21, 2012 Technology used in hosted video conferencing solutions are already beginning to change the web video collaboration environment. The advent of Face Time in the iPhone 4 gave individual users a seamless visual conferencing environment centred on a touch panel.
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