Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing For Work From Home Employees

By: deeksha | May 2, 2014 The culture of corporate is changing day by day; the trend of allowing the employees to work from home came into existence. Today, most of the surveys, report that about 90 percent of the UK office employees would like to work from home rather than working from offices. It is also noticed that the productivity levels of the employees working from home are higher than that of the regular employee.

Mobile Video Conferencing In Business

By: ShellyDesuza | Oct 28, 2013 Entry of the smart phone into the marketplace has taken mobile technology as a storm. The ability of the smart phone to add third-party applications makes it different from a normal mobile. Carrying a smart phone device means carrying all the consumer-oriented functions such as video games, HD camera, music set, a mobile TV along with the connectivity to inter net, enabling to send, check and rec

Software Based Enterprise Video Conferencing

By: deeksha | Aug 6, 2013 With the flow of technology we are able to see many changes coming across from day to day. Some in retail, some in business, engineering, manufacturing and some in other fields. As we have many sectors around, we can even see a very common change among every department in some or the other way that every sector is making use of the technology these days to shorten the stress that you face from yo

The New Trend of Video Conferencing

By: deeksha | Aug 2, 2013 For almost a decade, organizations have trumpeted video conferencing as a viable way to ratchet up communication and produce a more effective environment. A decade ago, many video conferencing and Telepresence systems required add-on cards inside PCs and separate cameras and integrated services digital network (ISDN) lines to function effectively. Now-a-days all these complexities have been avoide

Knowing about various aspects of Video Conferencing

By: Siddharth Bera | Jul 17, 2013 Cost cutting technique The costs of face to face meetings are rapidly growing up. The company needs to pay a recurring amount for its internet bills. To reduce the cost of a face to face meeting and getting it done at the same cost of internet bills, video conferenceing is getting famous. In general the internet connections of a company fall under an unlimited plan and the bandwidth is pretty high

Get A View Of The World In Just A Click Through Event Broadcasting By Epitome Solutions

By: Siddharth Bera | Jun 25, 2013 Event broadcasting is a process of transmission of audio and video signals through signal channels to a large number of audiences spread all over the world. Broadcasting can be of general purpose and networking based. Epitome solutions provide one of the best events broadcasting system to serve the people.

Audio and video Conferencing for affordable Communication

By: whiz meeting | Jun 25, 2013 Marketing organizations can also use webcasting services to host high-end business events. For these particular events, webcast companies make use of specialized online making software which creates the webcast an amazing real-time experience.

Virtual Teaching: Education for the Better and in Style

By: Siddharth Bera | Jun 3, 2013 With the advancement of technology, virtual classrooms are the talk of the town. In fact, many schools and teaching centres have incorporated virtual classrooms in their education system for helping the students perceive better. In fact, these classrooms not only improve the perception of the students, but also play a significant role in assisting the teachers or coaches during their teaching sess

Avail Unlimited Conferencing Calls with Expanded Features

By: Global Confe | May 24, 2013 One of the booms of the technology is conference calls. It begins with three people and can involve more than a dozen discussing, sharing and agreeing to any decision through audio, web, video or webcast conferencing. The unlimited conference calls are the most demanding requirement among professionals, businesses and in people today.

Video conferencing for Logistics firms

By: Bhagavan pabbu | May 15, 2013 The roots of video conferencing are already spread across various sectors of the society. The field of logistics is no longer an exception. There are ample number of logistics firms that are already being carrying out the video collaboration technology for various purposes say it for inventory control, ware house management, stock piles etc.
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