The Iris Video Phone - Bringing People Miles Away Closer To Each Other

By: Tom Wimmers | Aug 12, 2012 Your loved ones might be miles away, but these days you can stay connected with them more easily thanks to the capability of modern technology. The Iris video phone is also one of the most advanced pieces of technology that is breaking down all geographic boundaries.

Predictive Dialer, a Complete Contact Center Solution

By: Ryan Scott | Jul 23, 2012 A contact center is a facility / place used by companies or businesses around the world for the purpose of facilitating their customers or consumers with various communications channels such as telephone, e-mail, online chat support, fax and even letters. They also started to carry out the process of marketing and sales activities. A predictive dialer, with its several advantages can easily blend

UK VoIP Providers - Some Questions To Pose

By: jani2 | Jul 21, 2012 Cut your bottom line and get the top quality telephone service that you simply need. If getting it put in ensure that the voip is installed as well.

Evolution of Cloud PBX VOIP

By: James Allen | Jul 19, 2012 Cloud PBX VoIP PBX has today rapidly evolved to a degree of sophistication that it can offer more benefits and services than a traditional PBX system.

Fast Strategies For Business VoIP Providers - A Useful Overview

By: smeeth | Jul 10, 2012 A question that many businesses have been facing during the last 10 years has been if the professionals of voip outweigh the expense and hassle of putting in a brand new system.

Install Reliable and Feature-Rich Business Phone Systems for Effective Communications

By: Article Manager | Jun 11, 2012 The power of Internet is well exploited in the business communication process where the majority of the small and mid-sized businesses in Washington DC and Maryland are opting for latest phone systems that operates through Internet. Innumerable benefits and advantages of this latest phone system are making people switch to this qualitative communication process.

Redefine your Business Phone Systems with VoIP Technology

By: Article Manager | Jun 11, 2012 VoIP phone system is an efficient, cost-effective, reliable and flexible phone system that offers tons of benefits and advantages to businesses in Maryland and Washington DC. The inexpensive price and excellent sound quality are some of the features that are making VoIP phone system quite popular among the business houses.

How Making VoIP Video Calls Will Benefit You?

By: Wade Byrd | Jun 7, 2012 These days, it has become considerably easier for you to stay in touch with your loved ones around the world thanks to the latest telephony devices that are being constantly introduced. The world will now seem like a much smaller place, now that you can make VoIP phone calls using a digital video phone and view the personal you are calling while you talk to them.

Advantages Of Getting Proper Assistance On VoIP Phone Services

By: Tracy Narvaez | Jun 7, 2012 VoIP is very popular in companies with international businesses and offices. If you are not familiar with the term, but you have never heard of people providing this type of service then you will need to learn a couple of things about this recent communication revelation.

How To Select The Right VoIP Video Phone

By: Tom Wimmers | Jun 6, 2012 Ever since the advent of the VoIP video phone, people have been using them at their homes and their offices. These phones have brought loved ones closer to each, given the deaf the chance to make phone calls and enabled businessmen to video conference with international clients. So, if you want to get the excellent call quality and high-quality visual on the screen too, then it is important that y
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