Surveillance & Tracking

CCTV Camera Selection: Key Factors to Consider

By: Megha Bhatt | Apr 13, 2012 As surveillance technology has evolved leading to better quality security cameras suited for a host of environments, choosing a CCTV camera has also become increasingly complex.

Computer system Forensics in Military Intelligence

By: aidanaiken | Apr 11, 2012 Have you at any time played that recreation called Stratego? It is a whole lot much more entertaining than checkers, rather than as thoughts taxing as chess, and it is easier than Danger, however the object with the match will be to capture your enemy's flag and you also win.

Meet the right security camera for business surveillance needs

By: Chris Mills | Apr 10, 2012 Choose the right surveillance camera system for your IT infrastructure services and protection for best clientele companies.

GPS Tracking Systems: Vital to Manage Large Fleet of Vehicles

By: Article Manager | Apr 7, 2012 GPS tracking devices are fit in vehicle so safely and secretly that one can never know that the moving vehicle is installed with fleet GPS tracking devices.

Calibrating Doppler radar non-contact speed sensors

By: Jason H Walker | Apr 6, 2012 Measuring distance using a Doppler radar non-contact speed sensor is generally accepted to be the best and most effective way of calculating the speed of a vehicle. However, it’s important to remember that the majority of these sensors cannot measure speeds below 0.5 miles per hour.

Fingerprint Identification and Fingerprint SDK

By: Mehr Virk | Apr 5, 2012 Identifying people by their fingerprints has been going on since the late 19th century. These days, the procedure has become automated as a result of computing advancements, such as Fingerprint SDK. Here are the features of Griaule fingerprint SDK.

Traffic enforcement using speed sensor measuring equipment

By: Jason H Walker | Apr 3, 2012 To enforce traffic regulations effectively, Police officers have to be able to accurately measure vehicle speeds using speed sensors. There are a variety of different devices and methods the police force uses to track car speeds, but generally most forces use one of the following methods to monitor vehicle speed: radar, laser and VASCAR speed sensing technology.

Advantages of using wireless spy camera

By: Roland Spence | Mar 23, 2012 wireless spy cameras are compact and very small in size. You can fit them in any home decor item. This ensures that no one can understand easily that he is being spied. In fact, some of these cameras embedded in the elegant decorative elements to enable you to get the style and security at the same time.

Importance of installing small spy camera in business offices

By: Roland Spence | Mar 19, 2012 There are numbers of reasons that you may want to have your own hidden mini spy camera to setup in the home-business office, or even in the car. Hidden small spy camera can make you more efficient to spy your business office just like an extra pair of eyes, which can be used in places where you may not be able to see.

Choose a mini spy camera for better security

By: Roland Spence | Mar 18, 2012 The wireless Mini spy cameras were earlier used by private detectives. But, now it is available for common people. It could be possible due to high competition in electronic markets.
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