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56K Data Fax Voice V.92 V.90 Dial Up USB Modem

By: layer liu | Dec 22, 2011 56K Data Fax Voice V.92 V.90 Dial Up USB Modem, USB fax modem application knowledge: USB modem can be connected on an extension phone, fax software has enabled some manual answer feature

Safety Tips, Health Risks and Overall Precautions for your Laser Printer

By: Jan Thomson | Nov 25, 2011 Due to local electrical safety code, most laser printers include circuit protection and electrical safeguards against potential electric shocks. However, it is still possible for there to be high voltage or residue voltage on different parts inside of a laser printer (such as rollers, metal contacts, and various wires). Therefore it is recommended not to touch any of these electrical components in

Ways and Means to Save on Costs of Printer Ink

By: Mike Kenealy | Nov 5, 2011 Office supplies over a period of time hit your bottom lines harder than you think! This is when we realize that machines like printers and printer ink is expensive today. Hence it becomes imperative and essential; for us to save on these costs in the right ways and plough back profits.

Some guidelines for ensuring you get the most of computers within an office

By: Ria Markus | Aug 12, 2011 A lot of office works will have been using the same computer for a period of time and seen it slowing down, as well as experiencing problems loading numerous programs at once. Throughout the course of computer ownership, the machine tends to become full of junk, unused programs and large documents.

All in-Done: The Only Article you have to read about All in one Printers

By: Ryan Johns | Jun 27, 2011 This article is all about multifunctional, or all in one, printers. It explains the functions of what all in one printers do, and why and who all in one printers are geared towards.

Buying The Best Computer Shipping Boxes

By: Ernest Lo | Jun 11, 2011 Computers and laptops can be rather delicate pieces of hardware, so it is essential that they are treated with care to ensure that they arrive at their intended destination in one piece. The best method of transport for these machines are computer shipping boxes. Computer boxes have been designed specifically to be used for computer towers, desktops and laptops.

Comparing and Contrasting Inkjet and Laserjet Printers

By: Ryan Johns | Jun 10, 2011 This article compares the differences between the two popular printers. These printers are the lasejet and the inkjet printers.

How to recover lost MS Office password safely

By: Michelle | Sep 14, 2010 Microsoft Office, a suite of office software developed by Microsoft, is not strange for us. As long as you are a computer user, you'll involve in Office documents, such as Word processor, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation or Publisher. The MS Office is widely used in various industries all over the world.

How to feel safe about buying a paper shredder?

By: mike praado | Apr 30, 2007 Before buying a paper shredder make sure that whether it meets with your work criteria or not, moreover the features should be in mind so that one can suggest a best variety.

Best paper shredders

By: mike praado | Apr 30, 2007 Paper shredder is the easiest way of paper shredding especially for office
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