Tips to optimize wireless network on Windows 8 PCs

By: Polly M Quinton | Jan 15, 2014 Are you facing issues with your wireless network on Windows 8 PCs? Does your connection give ‘No Internet Access’ error very frequently or you get limited access during peak working hours? Do you think that the signal strength of your Windows 8 device reduces when you roam about with the device in your house or workplace? If yes, then you must be having certain problems with your wireless netw

Resolve Your Router Issues With D-Link Support

By: kevinsmith | Dec 11, 2013 D-Link Router has become an essential part of one’s life. In order to make it work properly and securely, it is advisable to contact a reliable independent D-Link support and end all your router related problems.

How to control exorbitant data charges while traveling abroad?

By: Brooke M. Perry | Aug 28, 2013 For all those who frequently travel abroad due to professional or personal purpose the biggest thing they come across is a hiked data charge. This is quite a big problem as one needs to be constantly in touch while trying to save as much as possible. Whether you are using an iPhone, an Android, BlackBerry or a Windows enabled phone, the concern remains the same. However, if you follow some tips th

Content delivery networks for website optimization

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Content delivery networks improve the average loading time of a website and considerably enhance traffic handling capabilities of the network. This eventually improves the average page views of the site by different visitors due to faster loading and processing.

What is Intranet 2.0

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Intranet 2.0 or social intranet is often confused with the concept of social network. While keeping the level of information sharing within a limit, Intranet 2.0 allows the sharing of internal elements of a business like information, business apps etc.

Toughbook for Duty

By: Michael Get | Aug 8, 2013 Computers have come a long way in a very short time. Thinking back only 100 years ago, modern technology was as farfetched as time travelling is nowadays. As computers gradually became a part of modern human life, their increased influence in the workforce has also increased. Everyday new jobs are created that require knowledge with computers or involve computers in some shape or form.

Project Management Professional Plays The Vital Role In IT Sector

By: David Bravo | Aug 7, 2013 Now days in the IT sector lot of professionals techniques are using to increase the business by the IT company. And using with all together other types of techniques for the better results coming in the business. Now days in the field of IT sector working is very fast in every department. Because the demand of user . The other forms of the Project Management Professional is (PMP). The business

Go High Speed with the Traditional Broadband Internet

By: james federer | Aug 7, 2013 Both mobile and standard broadband have equal demand amongst the hungry network users.

How To Shop Online For A Toughbook

By: Michael Get | Aug 6, 2013 Do you own or run a company wherein you need to use laptop computers on the job? Do you require your employees to carry and to make use of computers to complete their day to day tasks? If so, then you would most likely be concerned about maintenance issues and how you can avoid constantly taking these computers in for repair.

Windows XP Support Ends in 2014. What's Next?

By: Kevin Smith | Jul 31, 2013 The official Windows XP Support is going to end on April, 2014. This has led to many users with a question "What to do next?" Here is the whole story on what happens on April 8, 2014 and what can be other options after Windows XP support stops working.
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