Samsung galaxy S4 innovative features never seen before

By: Mary J. Parker | Aug 24, 2013 What things make the new Samsung Galaxy S4 an incredible smartphone? why should you buy it? Which new features Samsung introduced in GS4. Know all the specifications and features of the Galaxy S4 before you go and buy this mobile phone.

What apple iPhone 4S deals offers in UK

By: Mary Parker | Aug 23, 2013 This article covers the important areas of iPhone 4S like its features in processing, battery, camera etc. A comparison is also done between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and iPhone 4S deals in UK is covered for helping people understand all about this smartphone.

Best Android Smartphone On The Market

By: | Aug 22, 2013 Choosing Android smartphone for your need is harder rather than buying an iPhone . There is lots of name around for Android operating-system, some have more feature than other,

Have great app idea for Apple: Get an iOS Developer

By: Steve Graham | Aug 22, 2013 iOS is the universal operating system for Apple products. Today several organizations are looking to utilize the potential of iOS to use iPhone and iPad to their maximum advantage.

Complete Process of Android Application Development

By: cruz werner | Aug 22, 2013 If you want to develop an application on Android platform, you can make use of this given process that eases your development. This is complete process that surely helps you to develop android application that is feature-rich.

Trends in Mobile Computing

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Mobile devices are now equipped with more sophisticated technology aspects which provide a variety of uses of a simple communication device. Mobile technology has evolved from being a simple communicator to a customizable equipment, having features both of a mobile device and a computer system.

Best Meme Maker Application For Android

By: | Aug 19, 2013 If you don’t have Corel, Photoshop, or any sort of editing software, don’t worry all you need is your Android smartphone and creativity. The following is 2 Android App for making a good meme.

Sony Xperia Z - a Sony blasting mobile phone

By: katefirth | Aug 14, 2013 It is said that Sony believes in continuous experiment and its experiments are the reasons why Sony Xperia Z has entered into the market and wiped out its competitors.

The Correct Approach for Hiring a Skilled iPhone App Developer

By: Girishsingh | Aug 13, 2013 The iPhone and the rapidly evolving smart phone industry, have changed the way business is conducted and how customer relationships are handled. IPhone Apps for business promotion or service offerings can act as a game changing marketing tool for driving traffic and revenue.

Instabridge For Android Short Review

By: | Aug 12, 2013 With simply one button, you are able to share with your close friend, family, or other people to run the same wifi network straight away. Even when you at a public place like coffee shop, eating place and other location you can simply share the network you are using without giving any password.
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