The Key Challenges In Adopting Mobility In Enterprises And Its Solution

By: Rajendran Sharma | Jun 3, 2014 Today, every business has become familiar with the huge potentials of mobile technology that can be leveraged to boost the company revenue. Technological solutions based on mobility can measure and monitor field employees' activities, improve productivity and date can be can be transferred and access in real time in the most secured way. Although enterprise mobility provides huge benefits, but the

Five Best Finance Apps for Android Tablets

By: logesh | May 12, 2014 The most common reason for buying android tablets is for leisure and entertainment. Did you know that android apps are more helpful in the financial world? Today, Android launched so many finance apps in the market which are really much useful and relevant to your financial needs. Here is a list of top five best finance apps in the market.

Speech Recognition Helping In Providing Solutions For Chronic Disease

By: Rajendran Sharma | Apr 5, 2014 This significant part of the inhabitants needs a solution focused to their needs, and one that works in the way they are most relaxed getting cell mobile phones. The sensible response is voice, that can be used to access people across India, regardless of their knowledge or language.

Tips to Lock down Your iPhone or iPpad for Kids

By: Polly M Quinton | Mar 20, 2014 It becomes extremely difficult for you to restrict your child from using your iPhone or iPad considering the craze of games and gadget among today’s children. The apps, games and other media features in your iPhone make the device quite fascinating for the kids. But is your kid mature enough to use the device rightly? Of course not!

Easy Tips to Copy Music Tracks from iTunes to Android

By: Polly M Quinton | Jan 23, 2014 For all those who have been long using iTunes with their Apple device, it seems that switching to another device is not possible. The biggest constrain comes in the form of your own music collection that seems to be literally tagged to the Apple device that you have been using for quite some time. Now that you want your Android Tablet or Android Smartphone to have that music collection but you are

iPhone Development Is a Boon for Business Sector

By: Jessica gilbert | Oct 18, 2013 Businesses across various industry verticals are eyeing on latest technologies these days to survive the stiff market competition and also to edge over their competitors.

Planning Out Your Mobile App Development

By: Prince Sinha | Oct 12, 2013 As smart devices proliferate, mobile apps are picking up steam. There are an estimated 7 billion mobile users globally, fuelling a paradigm shift from PCs and desktops to mobile. Consequently, the numbers of apps delivering rich consumer experiences are scaling up too.

Apple Fake Ad Causes Many Users To Destroy Their iPhones

By: Groshan Fabiola | Sep 26, 2013 Many people destroyed their iPhones as a fake Apple ad spreaded on social networks saying that the iOS 7 could waterproof phones.

Over 9 Million iPhone 5S, 5C Sold In First Weekend

By: Groshan Fabiola | Sep 25, 2013 Tech giant Apple revealed that the company sold an estimated 9 million of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C during the opening weekend of sales.

Best Contract Mobile Phones The Offers Deserve the Adjective!

By: Cat Johnes | Sep 13, 2013 Most people refer to monthly payment plans as the best contract mobile phone deals and not merely as contract phone deals.
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