Mobile Phones

Android Education Application Development

By: Jodimello | Apr 13, 2013 Android educational apps, either free or paid, have managed to cover a broad range of subjects from the elementary level to adult education, as well as for professional skills improvement.

Communication Application for Android

By: Jodimello | Apr 13, 2013 Costs in development of Android communication applications are lower than the expenses incurred on developing the apps for other platforms like andriod business application development.

Communication and Business Application for Android

By: Jodimello | Apr 13, 2013 Android application developers for developing applications are in great demand for Android-based smart phones and the business firms are looking for best Android app developers who can develop interactive, intuitive and innovative applications for the end-users.

iOS 6 Offers Improved Mobile Device Management

By: Michelle Symonds | Apr 10, 2013 With MDM and BYOD an increasing reality in the workplace, the new iOS6 for iPhones and iPads offers improved mobile management features to help IT departments to secure company-owned and employee-owned devices. Corporations can now leverage this trend without compromising on security.

IT Departments Should Learn To Love BYOD

By: Michelle Symonds | Apr 10, 2013 Many IT departments are anti-BYOD but by embracing and taking control of a BYOD program they can lead the way in business change. The alternative is to be viewed as an inhibitor to business progress.

Mobile Spyware Usage Cuts Across Different Situations

By: Killer Mobile | Apr 2, 2013 A cell phone is a personal asset. There is a lot of data you put in there that is highly confidential. Examples include downloaded files, text messages and details of other people’s contacts.

The Importance of Mobile Phones in the Modern Society

By: Roger Smiths | Apr 1, 2013 And one among the best boon of the technology are the mobile phones. It is the most important part of today's life and it is impossible to imagine one's life without cell phones.

iPhone Development At a Glance

By: Deepak Dabla | Apr 1, 2013 The introduction of iPhone technology and its App store have inspired diligent developers to accelerate production of apps which could leverage its existing features.

The Specific features And Price Of Apple iPhone 5

By: | Mar 28, 2013 Another specs of iPhone 5 is Retina Display containing 4 inch wide screen and multi-touch. The resolution of this screen is about 1136x640 Pixel plus the focus is about 800:1.

Sony Ericsson Satio - The Smartphone with Finest Photography Features

By: Rendy Rembana | Mar 25, 2013 Right after 2009, Sony Ericsson Satio was launched in UK and US. This is the Cell phone product from Sony Ericsson using Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition. The cell phone is recognized for its 12 mega-pixels camera along with its slider at the back. Below are the detailed specs for this device.
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