Is Havre de Grace as Good a Race Horse as Rachel Alexandra or Zenyatta?

By: Lee Lane-Edgar | Jun 8, 2012 Is Havre de Grace as good as Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta? With her Beyer Speed Figure of 111, Havre de Grace has won against older males like Flat Out proving her mettle similar to Zenyatta. She may bot have accomplished as much as the other female stars but a win in the Breeder’s Cup Classic will sure seal her position as the Horse of the Year. Play virtual simulations of Havre de Grace compe

‘Bo-Rail’ is yet to ask His Horses to Run – The Incredible Racing Star

By: Lee Lane-Edgar | Jun 8, 2012 Calvin Borel and any more of the like are all available on So when you are competing, its not a bunch of starters but extremely polished and well accomplished stars you compete against. Choose from their favourite horses to beat them, after all the best friend is also the worst enemy. Win real prizes as you breed, train, test and bet your way to victories. Free and downloada

Bob Baffert and his brigade of Outstanding Thoroughbreds in World Horse Racing

By: Lee Lane-Edgar | Jun 8, 2012 Bob Baffert has made an incredible contribution to world racing history with his line of trained horses that have always undoubtedly delivered passion and excellence to the racing tracks. With many racing titles and awards under his belt, Baffert continues to grow and bring forward many more stallions and fillies to adorn the horse racing world. Enjoy 3D racing games online, the Baffert style, on

The Hope of The Dying Meadow Stable – Secretariat was America’s Guiding Light

By: Lee Lane-Edgar | Jun 8, 2012 Secretariat won the hearts of the American audience in a time when the United States had lost hopes and was looking for some faith. Secretariat’s victories, that won him instant stardom, brought life to the Meadow Stable as well. Owned and foaled by Penny Chenery, he was their first Triple Crown winner. brings to life the star and many more in 3D flesh and blood on virtual game

The 1973 Triple Crown – the Competition, Contention and Odds, from Sham’s Perspective

By: Lee Lane-Edgar | Jun 8, 2012 If we talk about whether Secretariat faced the best challenges in his quest for the Triple Crown; the answer would be, yes. Sham, a half cousin, deriving his genes from the grand sire to both, Princequillo, offered Secretariat a worthy challenge and a well earned victory. The speed duels, the overtake and the stalking was completely worthy of a genuine competitor who deserved the Triple Crown no l

Dance Smartly Back to Racing – Online Horse Racing Games Revives Them

By: Lee Lane-Edgar | Jun 8, 2012 Online horse racing games on have brought many stars from the past to life through their unbelievable 3D simulation that is so realistic that the players find it incredibly immersive. Real prizes for winning and betting features make them all the more irresistible for the equestrian lovers. To unveil the hidden rider in you, register to free download racing games and get your cha

Microsoft PayPal: Make Easy Money Playing Games

By: Anjali Goswami | Dec 9, 2010 Everyone has a dream of earning good amount of money and becoming rich. To accomplish this dream, every body works really hard. So what you think about becoming rich without making much effort? The answer must be yes. Now you can make money very easily by playing your favorite games anytime. This article will definitely help you to get some ideas about making money online by playing Microsoft Pay
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