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‚ÄčNASA Uses iPad App Development To Beam Science

By: coppermobile | Sep 23, 2011 iPad app development got a rocket boost from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) recently, when they announced a new iPad app, created by software and media specialists, called the NASA Visualization Explorer. This app allows the user to interact with video, images and information from NASA's current Earth science research. A major staple of NASA earth science has been its use of

Live the Technolgy Life Greatly With iPad 3

By: Sheila Basco | Sep 15, 2011 Apple fans and blogger John Gruber was principally to blame for the rumors that set about about the iPad 3 in advance of the iPad 2 had arrived at store shelves back in March. Just lately LG and Gruber have provided up several ideas on the iPad 3 including the coveted retina display

Panomera Detective Of Enormous Rooms Using a Beautiful Look at Simple

By: Fradzfar | Sep 12, 2011 Panomera technology is a high definition camera completely new. Developed specifically for video surveillance that includes all the important areas that surpasses all previous solutions.Widths and areas with large distances are shown in a completely new quality resolution, with up to 51 megapixels in real time and speeds up to 30 fps.

Today Technology: Digital Smart Classes

By: Team Infovison | Aug 27, 2011 In this modern age the classrooms requires modernized set of tools to inspire extraordinary learning solutions and improve learning outcomes. Therefore the Digital Smart Classes gives the students and the Instructor access to the deep knowledge source from anywhere and anytime.

Document Cameras: Relief from Overhead Projectors

By: Team Infovison | Aug 14, 2011 Document Cameras are nothing but the capturing devices to display an object or number of objects in front of audience. Document cameras are able to magnify the images of actual 3-D objects and transparencies. Document cameras were first developed to meet the rising demand for the ability to project and present original documents, objects directly without the usage of overhead projector.

Advanced internet & antivirus key software ever built

By: majeed khan | Jul 29, 2011 The unique & genuine twenty-four hour Ante Virus key for your computer to protect from various IT threats

Major Software Firms Now Hire Android Developer

By: Gery Writer | Jul 12, 2011 A majority of the smart phone manufacturers are now supporting and adopting the use of the new open source operating system for their handsets. This new system is soon going to set a new trend in the telecom domain. This new open source development platform is known as android. The kit used by the development companies consists of some necessary applications, middle ware and operating system desig
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