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Critical storage choices for virtualization projects

By: Chris Topham | Mar 30, 2012 Finding the right balance between what we would like for our IT infrastructure and what our budget can justify is a perennial problem. In this article we explore how to get the high performing virtualised server environment that you want at a cost that your finance director will be comfortable with.

USB Flash Drive

By: S.JohnSmith | Mar 25, 2012 A USB flash drive is a type of plug and play portable storage devices that uses flash memory and is lightweight enough to attach to a key chain.

Look before you leap: About JetKing Fraud Articles

By: Susan Crasto | Mar 7, 2012 The rise of computer institutes in recent years has led to severe competition amongst different computer institutes. A result of this competition has been fraud articles about certain institutes by its rivals.

JetKing Complaints Not Backed BY Facts

By: Susan Crasto | Mar 7, 2012 JetKing is one of the country’s best IT institutions. However the company’s fame has resulted in a lot of bad press from rival companies and disgruntled students.

counterpart of Mechanical Engineering

By: studyabroaduniv | Mar 2, 2012 The Chemical Engineering, like its counterpart Mechanical Engineering, to developed in the nineteenth century during the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial scale manufacturing demanded new materials or new processes and by 1880 the need for large scale production of chemicals was such that a new industry was created, dedicated to the development or large scale manufacturing of chemicals in new

Designing A Magazine with MacBook Pro

By: Macky Tosh | Feb 23, 2012 Most programs people use when editing a magazine require a heavy loaded hardware system for softwares to function conveniently and efficiently.

How Businesses Use Cloud Computing Effectively

By: Bob Jennings | Feb 20, 2012 Cloud computing has not been around for a very long time, and in that time it has managed to change the way many businesses operate. Today, cloud computing usually refers to a service where data can be remotely stored in a virtual environment, instead of locally at your business’s premises. In most cases these services tend to be subscription based and so you may be billed on a monthly basis wit

What’s the Scope of Mobile Product Development?

By: Anthony Weiner | Feb 1, 2012 It’s only been a couple of decades since mobile phones entered our lives and already they are an indispensable accessory for most.

Uses and Benefits of Garmin 405

By: Patrick J. Mauldin | Jan 18, 2012 Understanding the uses and benefits of the Garmin 405 for athletes.

All You Need to Know About WiMax

By: David Frankk | Jan 13, 2012 WiMax, which stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a form of the 4G wireless technology. It is a technology used for providing wireless internet service across different areas.
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