What Is ACID And It’s Characteristics?

By: Robert Fogarty | Feb 19, 2014 ACID is an acronym used in computer science to describe a set of properties that allow the user a guarantee that each transaction is processed correctly. A great example of this is transferring money from your checking account to your savings account.

Things to consider in Storage Virtualization

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Storage virtualization reduces the complexities in storage system's development, maintenance and management. However, switching to a storage virtualization solution requires study of various parameters so an enterprise can be benefited with such change.

Benefits of Remote Database Administration

By: christa joe | Aug 21, 2013 Remote Database Administration assists an organization to focus its efforts on the core field of operations that it usually performs by outsourcing all of its database operations. It solves the problem of exploding database management requirements for an organization.

Cloud computing is network operation storage accessory

By: Kirti Saxena | Jun 26, 2013 Cloud computing is just not only the network operated through a remote on internet; it the ultimate resource baggage of data interpretation, management, processing and run the application on multiple computers at the same time.

The importance of effective Data Management

By: Sidonie Luiza | Jun 5, 2013 Data management solutions will ensure that IT projects are aligned to business needs and that they are focused on key business priorities through excellent data quality and information management.

Numerous Understanding of Steerage Generated brake

By: John Chen | Jun 4, 2013 A fabulous steerage generated brake may be a instrument permitting a powerful professional to show and / or push car by applying a fabulous generated brake. Timeless vans which usually employ a steerage braking system really are bulldozers, tractors and additionally airplanes. Finally, the steerage generated brake functions by putting on finally, the generated brake privately of this auto or truck

Appreciating the Security Protocol of iSCSI

By: Robert Warwick | May 18, 2013 In order to truly understand the benefits and power that is built within the iSCSI technology, you need to first try to comprehend just how the security protocols work for these devices and networking technology overall. There are several different key elements that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the overall security protocol that all fit together just like one completed puz

The End-User’s Part in the Database Development Process

By: Mitchelle Garry | Apr 23, 2013 The end users play a very important role in the database development process. We often think of an end user plainly as someone who actually uses a particular product. However, there is another way in seeing through this fact.

What Lies Ahead of Consumer Mobile App Developers

By: Mitchelle Garry | Mar 19, 2013 If you are a consumer mobile app developer nowadays, you may consider taking your practice in the higher planes. This is due to the obvious fact that the surge of mobile devices has been creating in the industry.

Manage Large Volume of Data with Hadoop Ecosystem

By: Andy Robert | Jan 26, 2013 Thanks to the advancement of the internet, a lot of organizations are choosing the online mode to fulfill various organizational requirements.
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