Data Recovery

Do You Need the Best OST Recovery Software?

By: Raj Malhotra | Aug 8, 2013 Whether it is the case of a dirty shut down or mount-dismount problem or storage space limitation issue, the problem of OST file corruption can be best dealt if you lay your hands of the best OST Recovery software.

Statistics of Data Loss Reasons and Facts

By: May Swan | Jul 2, 2013 The article shares the statistics about data loss reasons or causes. If you lost some valuable files on Mac, you can easily get lost files back with a Mac file recovery tool.

How to select a company to recover the lost files

By: techneticsdata | Jun 28, 2013 As technology has improved to a great extent, change has appeared in every single thing we do. Paper works have come down and system operations are replacing them even in a mediocre company.

Are CDs and DVDs Still Good for Data Storage?

By: Gabriel Waldron | Jun 26, 2013 Both CDs and DVDs offer simple yet safe way for backing up important data without any expensive investments. Let's take a closer look at how they may be used, and which safety issues may arise when using these optical storage devices for backup.

Things To Know When Attempting Disk Recovery

By: Jones Martin | Jun 25, 2013 Preliminary steps are always helpful when dealing with hard drive repairs and/or recovery. Sometimes you can save yourself half the trouble simply by knowing key points, starting with the symptoms for hard disk damage or hard disk recovery failure.

Solution to recover Deleted File Back on Windows 8

By: maria therasus | Jun 21, 2013 There are chances that we may lose files from Windows 8 system and to recover all deleted files we require a professional file recovery software for Windows 8.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Your iPhone on Mac OS X/Windows

By: Jimmy Johns | Jun 21, 2013 As Apple's iPhone has become a sought-after handset worldwide, one of most common things that can happen while using the smartphone is that you may lose your contact details by accidental.

Benefits of Data Recovery Software

By: Mariann Antoine | Jun 19, 2013 Have you ever encountered a scenario where your onerous drive instantly crashed and you've lost all essential files and information? This is a fairly widespread occurrence and occurs because of overheating of the disk, improper system shut down, guide deletion of information and many others. Do you know that you would be able to recover all or a lot of the lost files utilizing suitable recovery st

Fully Automated Backup

By: Hasan Ali | Jun 14, 2013 Backing up data is most essential for any business or organization that deals with volumes of data. A large percentage of businesses are concerned about data loss but only a few consider an IT disaster recovery plan as a part of their backup solutions. However, with a fully automated backup solution, you will never have to worry about losing data again. Many providers offer small business backup s

How to Recover Lost Data from a Flash Drive

By: maria therasus | Jun 10, 2013 We may lose data from a Flash Drive due to various reasons like accidental deletion, corruption, malware, software malfunctioning, sudden power surge, drive is not safely removed, etc. Solution to all such problems of data loss is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.
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